A Chiver asked us to ‘define awesome’. Here’s Part 1 of the answer (46 Photos)

Ricky M. emailed us and asked us to 'define awesome once and for all'. Here at theCHIVE, 'awesome' is serious business and this deserved a serious answer. Part II of our answer tomorrow. Here's to you, Ricky.

  • migida

    This easily could have been 6, 7, or even 48 individual posts! Chive just dug themselves a hole with the absolutely most unreal girls i have ever seen…im skipping 2 or 3 days of checkin (other than dar) chive to not ruin the site…. great great grate, .. Fukeen great

  • Me

    Way to go girls you can publish your whoredom to the world

  • guest

    Bunch o skinny little bitches. Where are the curves?

  • anonymous

    god damn i'll take any. i'm desperate.

  • J F M

    So awesome is defined by straight guys assessing girls with low self-esteem. Brilliant.

  • Sanaajeet

    I am finding some nice pics for my husband and I gotta say, these photo's rock!

  • jdr

    OK, one more time … DUCKFACE IS DEAD!

  • anon ib

    im in love with #4

    id settle for #33 if she came with the house

  • chrisdg74

    Ladies, I salute you. I would stand up, but well, you know..

  • wadhah

    This is an EPIC POST !!

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    […] the definition of awesome according to the chive theCHIVE. […]

  • yeah

    YEP, awesome.

  • 59 les paul

    I know to some it is a turn on but to me when I see a hot girl smoking it just ruins it for me. # 7 would be one of my favs if see did'nt have the cig.

  • Rocksoff


  • http://linkmunki.blogspot.com LinkMünki

    I is gobsmacked – I think I need some time alone 😉

  • micael

    wow 44 looks like taylor swift!!! i wish!

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    […] the definition of awesome according to the chive theCHIVE chive awesomness part II theCHIVE __________________ X-Fire Last-FM PS Let your di*k swing let your tits roll…and dance your butt off. […]

  • Rob


  • sanji

    this is really great! hope more of this post will come, made my day! 😀

  • Guest98421

    #19 Guuuuys! O.o! Wow wow wow wow! =)

  • not first no shit

    Cannot say exactly why, but #1 owns me.

  • G123

    I am speechless.. I have no speech..

  • Kep

    who is #30?

  • Jjoyce

    No one else has mentioned this, but # 4 is really the best in my opinion. Shes just so beautiful 😥

  • http://mattscradle.com/ mattscradle

    Number 18 for me and #9 and all.

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