A Chiver asked us to ‘define awesome’. Here’s Part 1 of the answer (46 Photos)

Ricky M. emailed us and asked us to 'define awesome once and for all'. Here at theCHIVE, 'awesome' is serious business and this deserved a serious answer. Part II of our answer tomorrow. Here's to you, Ricky.

  • moongirl

    Beautiful pics. Very artistic settings, with beautiful woman and this is coming from a woman too…

  • Tech Guy

    ya… can't take my eyes off #30

  • Constant Swagemakers

    Better than most adult sites !!!

  • Kirby =P

    Am I the only one who liked pic #1 the best?

  • dtriz

    My brakes slammed on #43. Holy shit.

  • Brad

    Who is the girl in red, #1 in define Awsome ??

  • john

    anyone know whose 46,1, and 23 names are?

  • john

    do you know who #46 is?

  • theleafs

    awesome indeed!!!! 22 and 40 especially

  • doug

    MOAR 46!

  • Kel


  • http://www.Harley-Davidsonforums.com/forums/joe-mama/26865-define-awesome.html#post374078 define awesome... - Harley Davidson Forums: Harley Davidson Motorcycle Forum

    […] awesome… link __________________ Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving […]

  • Motis

    #31 is awesome love to see all of her tats I have a lot of tats myself, you did well Chive very well!!

  • ar tee

    #11 #14 #23 These women are an absolute stunning trio of awesome! How about naming them?

  • chena

    i would have to drop #7, but would double up on numbers 13, 19, and 22…..

  • Toroi86

    #2, #9, #13, and OMG #23!!!

    Any body have a towel?

  • Always Last


  • eal

    the prescience of 37 drives me insane

  • David

    #40, #43 I have a sweet-tooth

  • David

    #46 one word…ok…I have many words

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