Action stars before they became famous (21 Photos)

  • Daniel

    #17 patrick swayze??

  • its_forge


  • Frankenbozo

    Yeah! CAPTION THE PICTURES!!! or I'm gonna…..I'm gonna……I'm gonna write a letter to the Times!!

  • knuckledonkey


    Isn't that Det. Yemana from Barney Miller?

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  • VEG

    #11 is Patrick Swayze everyone

    • TardFarmer

      absolutely wrong, it's Statham

  • Yourfreakindaddy

    Stunning Steve Austin

  • G. A. Christian Bilou

    Heh…Dwayne Johnson, Back when he lived in my neighbourhood, was a regular guy, frequented the local pub, and played football for the city team…who would have thought it back then?

  • Mr. Angree

    Why aren't there any fucking captions?

  • my opinion

    #17 is Patrick Swayze before he got AIDS.

  • steven frijoles

    wait, guys, you mean #2 isnt scott baio? fine, fuck you then. doesnt change the fact that hulk hogan looked like the kind of kid that would demand your lunch money, but like, as you were already carrying the lunch you just bought.

  • Rat

    Gee, didn't know Tom Cruise was gay back then, too.

  • Person

    1 – Arnold Swarz…whatever
    2 – Clint Eastwood
    3 – Bruce Lee
    4 – Bruce Willis
    5 – Chuck Norris (yes, he could kick our ass back then too)
    6 – Tom Cruise
    7 – Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
    8 – Harrison Ford (posing for the cover of Gay Liberal Weekly Magazine)
    9 – Hulk Hogan (thank god he grew a moustache)
    10 – Jackie Chan
    11 – Jason Stratham (I want to see him and Chuck Norris fight!)
    12 – Jet Li
    13 – Kurt Russell
    14 – Mel Gibson (Sober version)
    15 – Pierce Brosnan
    16 – Randy Coutre (truly tough like Norris and Stratham, not a poser like the rest)
    17 – Patrick Swayze (had to get this from my daughter!)
    18 – Sly Stalone
    19 – Steve Austin (looks better with hair!)
    20 – Russell Crow
    21 – Claude Van Damme (REAL badass, he beats up Women)

  • Guest

    mel was soooo sexy.

  • reeva

    chuck norris was famous before he was famous

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  • Gus

    #17 – Patrick Swayze (Tineye for Firefox)

  • Josh Craig

    poop nozzle?

  • Al t

    #1 He was the most annoying bodybuilder Ever.

  • jonn2


  • wkdfrog

    #2 Wow, Clint was a good looking dude before becoming the uber badass!

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