Daily Afternoon Randomness (40 Photos)

  • scooter

    #31 why has she deleted her first name, but left it in her friend's comment?
    #32 after that long, ouch, or is redtube that bad, he spent 8 hours trying to find something?
    #40 nice ass but I really hate huge tattoos. Whats the point? If you hate your body that much you're tattoo something that size on it, then why show it off?

    • QuestLove

      Tattoos are not because you hate your body. They are because you like tattoos. What a hater

  • susan

    24, it happens to the best of us

  • toby

    #6 and now my afternoon coffee has been sprayed all over my keyboard

  • tom

    while u can def. have too much of an ass, I wouldn't say that's too much, although it will be in 5 years

    • northerner

      #40, Definitely NOT attractive. Yes, too much ass. She desperately needs BRS…butt reduction surgery and a huge dose of "won't power".

  • timmy

    #6 Ronalhino you so silly.

  • Chris

    attractive as all hell… DAMN

    • w/eeeee

      reminds me of augistina keyra, aaaahhhhhhhhh, *fap* *fap* *fap*

  • furthy

    Great ass.

    Also, that Pikachu dildo is one of the funniest things that I have seen in months. I wonder if the girl really did it….

    • BootyFan

      #40 is hot as hell

  • Son of Dad

    #39 – careful… they don't eat them with their mouths.
    #40 – a bit too much for me but it's still fiiiiine.

  • dreadlockrasta

    That ass is too much…literally.

    • Phil

      Way, way too much.

      But then I like 'em tight.

      • timmy

        What ? What ? In the butt.

      • northerner

        WAAAAAAAY Too much. Yes, tight is far better.

  • sdfasdf

    for me, its too much!

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    I am still laughing at 10…..and Yes, Sofia Vergara is awesome…

  • Dan

    little too much

    • dave32891

      and the tramp stamp doesnt help either

  • Scott

    I'd fall into that ass motorboating it. Not too much, just too much to handle all at once.

  • Cyphon

    Degrees in Business Running and Profit Making – Awesome.

    damn nice ass for a year or two, then not so much.

  • buttercup

    #31 Great argument. Lacey kicked some Chrisitan butt.
    #32 Boy that roomie is wayyyy into anal.
    #36 I've seen actual resumes that are similar to this. Amazing.
    #20 Tummy says yes…Arteries say…Noooooo 😦 drat!

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1800291127 Kevin Lee Metcalf

      who is" Anal "

    • Smart

      Lacey copied and pasted something from the internet and doesn't understand the difference between the old and new testament. Yeah, she looks smart to ignorant people. Besides, most Christians simply think it's wrong and don't try to force others to behave a certain way or criticize them for it. Get over yourself.

      • Stevo

        Not really Smart, you're assuming she doesn't know the difference. And despite what 'most Christians' think, her friend was clearly criticizing it. And if the old testament < new Testament, why is it there at all? If it's a document to show the old beliefs, fine, leave it out of the bible, where it is likely to be seen as the literal word of God.

        • Smart

          Sorry if you don't understand the difference and expect people who believe in the Bible to change the way they book their scripture to avoid confusion of others.

          • Poot

            I'm surprised any devout christians even visit this site.

        • Christian

          I'm going to have to agree with Smart here, and I'll tell you why. The Old Testament does describe things as they used to be, and can be confusing if taken literally, but it's important to know that there's a between how things were and how they are now. Otherwise Jesus is no big deal, and what happened means nothing. History is always important. Also, there are passages in the new testament that say homosexuality is morally wrong also. Here's the wikipedia:

  • Lev

    40 = completely fine.
    Great body, tramp-stamp notwithstanding. Shapely and feminine, especially considering she doesn't have flabby arms or a muffin-top. God forbid a female should have curves…

    • GGG

      Nom Nom Nom

  • CapnMarvel

    Too much, but I'd still ride it around the house for an hour or two. I just wouldn't buy it.

  • Kyle

    #29 is fantastic. Hope to see more of her.

    It would surprise me if #40 wasn't shooped.

    • billthewelder

      Go to walmart to shed your sheltered experience of the onion booty.

  • McBeastie

    #40 – I vote for "ruined due to horrible butterfly tramp stamp."

    But also a bit too much.

    • Mr Wesley

      Yeah, but the reason they call it a tramp stamp is to let you know what you're getting into.


  • Mcfacial

    Puletsur prize. English motherfucker! Luke Perry had a fuckin' 5head.

  • cornydog

    #32: Been there, done that. I assure you, it's cocaine.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    40, IMHO asses like that also come with an ATTITUDE just as big!!! That being said, MOUNT UP!!!

  • Hot Carl

    What program is #32? And how can I find out if my boss has it?

    • its_forge

      Unless you work for Podunk Clueless Do Whatever You Like On My Time Inc., your boss has it. You can make use of that feature in any router, even the cheapo ones you pick up at Wal-Mart.

  • Jason

    I've actually made a burger like #20. It was amazing. The local brew pub has one on its menu called the "Ludacris Burger"!

  • meh

    #40, id have to try it out first, since there is no cottage cheese, not too much.

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