Daily Afternoon Randomness (40 Photos)

  • rbb

    #40 great ass. I love you now

  • chris

    its about time chives post a pick of a women withs some real ass unlike the no ass women u guys normally post…

  • hIgH

    #32 doesn't look like a router log. The guy probably used a log software or opened the index.dat files.
    Can anyone confirm?

  • nick

    #32, i checked out some of the urls..your roommate is into some weird shit. a lot of anal and cartoons…

  • Adam

    way too much, ew…

  • That Guy

    ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! And I'm a white guy.

  • Vicente

    #40 Perfect ass….could have that for dayssssss

  • Lance

    #19. Promises, promises. One can at least dream.

  • Chaosd


    Is it attractive or too much? I'd have to say both. It's so attractive that it's indecent. B)

  • Stix

    That ass is great. More cushion for the pushing

  • Irish

    #40, I mean that thing is good. I wanna be on it

  • marcb

    #35 the one where people photo shop faces onto all people,can everyone stop making these things they are soo stupid and lame ,i cant scroll down fast enough

  • http://thechive.com Harvey Wall

    #40, No more cheeseburgers for you sweetheart. You got way too much ink as well. Sorry, don't like tats on chicks.

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