Daily Afternoon Randomness in high-res (33 HQ Photos)

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
Submit your Photos here

theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
Submit your Photos here

  • Beltes

    Words cannot express the pride we all have in our forces – safe trip home all, and know that we will not forget the fallen…

  • JEff

    #2 – Finally a hot chick holding a weapon without her finger on the trigger!

  • joeoby


    • fasterthanu

      Is that what your reaction is to every image of Obama?

  • Bryan

    #26, Eternal Epic Fail. He won't say it, I will. "Victory" good job, men and women. You kicked a$$, freed a people, and liberated a country. You brought elections and freedom to people who NEVER had them. You literally changed an entire country with your sweat, hard work, and sacrifice. GOOD JOB, and EPIC WIN on your part.
    I salute you.

    • kool aid man


      #30 = epic fail

  • Rusty, LT USNR

    Jolly Rogers, get some! Hoo-rah.

  • ARNG Vet

    #23 and #31
    Amazing! Thank you!
    This is who we are!

    • Scoot

      The guy on the right shaking hands with the lil' Afghani is Canadian Army

  • Whickity whack

    #26 makes me throwup in my mouth! What a pansy and poor excuse for a leader!

    • Masschine

      Oh like a President who lied more than once about WMDs to get us into a war? Who thought BinLaden was unimportant enough to ignore before 9/11 when warned of possible attacks and then after we had him cornered unimportant enough not to send in reinforcements to finish him off? Who when promising that we would not let terrorists take away our freedom proceeded to do so himself by ignoring the constitution and laws?
      I have thanked hundreds of servece men and women for their service to this country but I will forever be ashamed of what GWB did to this country.

      • Whickity whack

        If he lied then every Dem lied as well. The intelligence said he had the WMD's and in the days following 9/11 the calls for getting rid of Hussein were being echoed from both sides of the aisle. You can argue he lied but it's simply not the truth. The fact is he (Hussein) used chemical weapons on his own people as he was committing genocide. So yes, he did have WMD's. I don't agree with everything GWB did and don't agree with some of his policies but he's a good man and great American. He protected my family and your too. Obama's ideas for America devalue the American dream by expecting those that can and do for themselves to provide for those that refuse to do for themselves.

      • V4Vendetta14

        Are you naive enough to believe it was unthinkable that Iraq sought WMDs? Iran having hidden its uranium enrichment plants for years, is estimated to have enough enriched Uranium for 3 bombs… With Iraq's cat & mouse game with the weapons inspectors (or don't you remember the inspectors barred from facilities), we did the right thing and said enough was enough. If you bluff, you better be prepared for somebody to call that bluff. To the American soldiers that died in this important task, we all should be grateful, regardless of the outcome. They did a thankless job.

  • Whickity whack

  • shuette

    I want to know, if the officer in photo 10 made it out ok…s

  • USMC vet

    Semper Fi!!!!

    Next time you see a Vet, Thanks them. It means more to us than you would think.

  • Dave

    #23 – And that, my friends, is why U.S. military personnel fuckin' rock!

  • guest

    #26 douche

  • Tuller

    I’ve never heard of it!I just lokoed it up though and it’s pretty far from me Oh well, If I’m ever in that part of town now I know where to go Brittany @ Itty Bits of Balance recently posted..

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