Female soldiers being bad asses (29 HQ Photos)

Most of these photos are from Nichole Lester and the females of HHC 3STB MP PLT
So to her unit and the rest of the females in uniform, Thank you
theBRIGADE wants to show the story of your team.
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Agian, Thank you Nichole Lester and your team of HHC 3STB MP PLT
theBRIGADE wants to show the story of your team.
Submit your Photos here

  • Nichole Lester

    "they are told to do sexual favours for less risky posts"
    B.S. I was at the one of the most dangerous COP in Afghanitsan, and no one told myself or any of the other females on my COP or in my BDE were told to do sexual favors to avoid dangerous combat zones.
    Join the military yourself, and see for yourself versus believing an article written by someone who is probably not in the military themselves.

    • Gutterville

      Funny how you missed that point about rape and moved on to the part about doing sexual favous
      Did you get the part about 1/3, since your in the army your not trained to think your just a weapon for the government to use and swing around.
      Could it be that what you think is casual sex is actually a raping by your commander( its such a problem that it has a name and its called command rape)
      P.S if you're #13 girl your pretty hot
      Peace out

    • Gutterville

      I would never join the army becuase I know War = Young, poor and naive dying for the old, rich and bitter.
      Im not a weapon that the government can use to spread its tyranny and export violence
      GL I hope you make it back alive

      • Victam

        By all means, feel free to leave anytime. Now I am sure something will be said to some effect of why someone couldn't, shouldn't, or wouldn't become an Ex-Pat, but I'd pose this question in response to any reason given to that effect. If this was your relationship you were having with a significant other. Would you stay and endure the perceived or actual abuse that was being inflicted upon you physically or mentally?

        I say and ask these things with all due respect I would give a stranger in-person.

      • Sridiezta

        Hi Mister Duncan, is good ecirecxse for pronunciation ..is very polite in british englisn and ta ta now ..Nowdays stay in the lesson 7 .saludos desde Mexico .Alvaro ..GRETTINGS FROM MEXICO

  • Norma Brown

    todays Military is like the Federal Govt., they are bound and determined to destroy the family unit. Women no longer want to follow the Biblical rule and stay home and raise the kids, they want to compete with men in every job. They are encouraged by the lesbian element who want nothing more than the distruction of the family unit, so my advice to all you Macho girls is to listen to God's word and stay home with your kids. If the military needs killers so bad, recruit 14 year old boys as their stronger and can shoot just as well.

    • dude

      I want to punch you

    • Nichole Lester

      Wow really Norma?
      Really? There's a special place in hell for a person like you.
      My advice to you is to go back in the kitchen you love so well and make me a sandwhich, while I bust my ass and prove a woman can do more than be pregnant, dumb, and barefoot in a kitchen.

  • Norma Brown

    You want to punch me for telling the truth, What a sad commentary on a once great Nation. When was the last time a Movie or T.V. program allowed a man to beat a woman at anything, combat, ball, running, riding, anything. The last D.O.D. figures i read a few years ago was that the top performing females scored in the bottom 17% of the class, of course those figures have been changed to fit the modern military and we as Americans think freedom means that it's O.K. to destroy the differance between men, and women to fit the New world order. So go ahead and defend Americas new policy and watch as she implodes to immorality and bankruptcy, Thats why God made us differant, because thats the only way a family unit will work.

    • Gutterville

      Its OK Norma Brown( nice words BTW) thats what happens when you grow up in a military machine like America
      Your either for it or against it

  • wtf?

    hey 11, nice fucking trigger discipline…

  • mmm

    #13 (hilary swank look alike), #14 and #22 are total honeys (I salute 25 for taking a bullet on mission – great smile!)

  • Kunashir

    Thanks for killing so many people around the globe…with pretty smile.

  • tugbote

    #23 fuck yeah.

    Thank you ladies, for keeping my non ass-kickin ass alive and free. Much love and home safe. YOU ROCK

  • hossein parsian

    # 13 is the most beautiful girl , god bless her more with whatever she's got . She is a very sexy and pleasant looking girl.

  • hossein parsian

    Hey you guys out there! Does anyone know the real name of # 13 ?

  • Sejo

    Hi All one thing Respect Girls!!!!!!
    but there is another thing that i want to say, I was in te Yugoslavian Army of Josip Broz Tito, in my casern there were only 10/15 girls i know it's isn't not an important member but our army was 99.9% compsed by boys of 18/30.
    Those girls i must say were discusting, they sleep with evry one who paid ^-^ and others thing that freaky girls do….
    Has it changed today? I mean the US army and others

  • Sejo

    Lol i mean 18/30 years
    our soldiers were young


    LA DE LA FOTO 24 TIENE UNA MUY BONITA MIRADA Y SUS OJOS SON MUY BELLOS. esta pagina es muy interesante.

  • ALLEN, K

    lol the things you find when you search your on pic on google images. RAKKASAN OEF 10/11

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