Female soldiers being bad asses (29 HQ Photos)

Most of these photos are from Nichole Lester and the females of HHC 3STB MP PLT
So to her unit and the rest of the females in uniform, Thank you
theBRIGADE wants to show the story of your team.
Submit your Photos here

Agian, Thank you Nichole Lester and your team of HHC 3STB MP PLT
theBRIGADE wants to show the story of your team.
Submit your Photos here

  • fasterthanu

    I was just about to say that. Thank God.

  • The Dude

    Thanks Ladies

  • man man

    Lots of respect, ladies.

  • Capt. Canada

    #11 – You just made my day!

    • terry burke

      really? 11? out of 13 and 14 you go with 11? wow

  • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau

    I'd be happy to cook them all a meal, do their laundry, vacuum their quarters, make their bed, and anything else they were a little too tired to do after a long day of service. Chauvinism can be swept aside for these soldiers. I respect you all, ladies. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and God bless.

    • joseph esposito

      What a bunch of pussys you all are ! These homely hermaphaditic bulldikes are not even qualified to be in a mans job, never mind their homely!

  • Chaco

    Loving the artwork on 17. Overall, these look like tough women making the best of a tough situation. 21 is just a cute pic of a couple of lovely badasses.

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  • Hogphan

    # 13 and #11 you both are smoking hot!!
    Thanks for everything!

  • Spiderpig615

    Pretty bad ass ladies!!!

    • thompson

      I really try to look beyond looks and really want to get to know someone as a special friend first. Interested?
      mail me
      on udoh59@yahoo.com
      Love you

  • Matt

    Thank you so much ladies. I have SOOOO much respect for all of you!!!

  • bodytrainer

    Makes me proud! Thank you!

  • joeoby

    #13, no disrespect, thank you for all that you do, but I will FAP to you later.

    • Logicman

      That must really brighten her day

  • Malachi Constant

    This compilation is one of the best ever Chive, keep it up and God bless our troops! (and God damn the bastards who put them in harms way to make a profit!)

  • KDeesey

    Thank you..



  • Big Tuna


  • leepsdad

    stay safe your doing a great job

  • equalizermax

    I bet their husbands are working right now in the kitchen…

    • thompson


  • Victam

    Imagine my surprise when I see my sister in #19 doing a Charlies Angels Pose in pt's.

  • Gutterville

    FACT 1/3 of service women get raped by there fellow soilders or they are told to do sexual favours for less risky posts
    Its sad but very true bet they don't tell you that when recruiting

    • USMC Sgt Lucy

      FALSE. No point in posting made-up stats. No one here believes your BS! Semper fi sisters!

      • Gutterville

        What is that ignorance or falsehood speaking you might want to do a little more research and a little less sticking your head up your ass

        • USMC Sgt Lucy

          More research? Why don't YOU do more research than reading the headlines of google search results. 1/3 raped, really? Not true. So 1/3 of the 250,000+ women who serve in the military have been raped or harassed? I know the truth of women in the military, you don't, you illiterate f*ck. Also, "raped by there". It's "their" not "there" you moron. No one here cares for your BS.

          • Gutterville

            WOW someone is a tad touchy, when you can't do your own research just ask me to do it for you (links below). using falsehood isn't the key.

            being a grammar nazi doesn't automatically make you right and YOUR WELCOME

          • joseph esposito

            In fact most rape allegations in the military are indeed lies! Over 60 percent of women have lied about rape in the military! This was in a documentry on discovery channel back in the 90's. By the way, how credible are women soliders who cry rape? How capable are they?

    • joseph esposito

      Fool! 60 percent of women LIE about rape! What kind of fool would believe women are getting raped with no bruises or ripped clothing! Your the type of fool who believes that women are just as capable as men, the same fools who believe womens false rape allegations, which are over 60 percent of the time lies! women soilders are about as credible as women who cry rape.

  • Filip

    Respect ladies, respect. Keep making us guys looking like pussies 24/7.

  • Beto

    ooow, #13 makes me feel really sorry for not having been able to join the US Army. ( I am Brazilian and i don't have a green card, and yes i tried to join the US Army at a recruiting post in Miami ). im in love !

  • matt

    Lopez is pretty….

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  • http://twitter.com/kyzz @kyzz

    As an ex-service person, I felt proud to see these girls in Uniform. To receive the Purple Heart is indicative of the ladies intent to do the job as equally as any other service person. Proud of you girl, proud of all of you.


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