Damn you crop tool!!! (14 photos)

  • eclipze

    this is killing me.

  • http://twitter.com/jewelry_wolf @jewelry_wolf


  • DaddyD

    The Lord giveth (Photoshop) and the Lord taketh away (crop tool).

    But this is also why we have an imagination!

  • w/eeeee

    i'll never look at the "c" letter the same ever again after this 😐 damn you chieve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TedO

    I want names, #2!

  • Mike

    5 is Ariel from MET Art and Femjoy.

    10 is Milana from Nubiles

  • Joezu

    #5 should be in the Awesomeness post… I've never seen a girl this beautiful…
    Give us more of her!! 😉

  • calderon

    girl number 9 – who is she, we need more, hella more of her

  • Daniel

    Chive: We NEED to find out who the red-head in picture #2 is! She is hot!

    (And the other red-head, looks a bit like the same person….

  • greg_wire

    more #9 pleaseeeeee

  • http://colddeadfingers.tk Merovingian

    #10 is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinuh

  • JH_hath

    we need the name for # 1!!

  • Putin.V

    Standard american porn. You can not even do this correct. I laugh in the faces of you all. Soon, death comes.

  • eric

    whose #2?

  • top dog


  • NSFW?

    this is simultaneously the best and worst album ever. 🙂 😦

  • Darksoul

    I'm rolling over…it does nothing!

  • Phideauxe

    Sheesh – just get the Tineye add-on and you can spank it to their naked pics to your hearts content. #9 is Holly Peers and she's got a rack that won't quit – google that shiznit.

  • P-90

    Who is #7

  • scooter

    Why do I get the feeling this is the first part of a Chive subscription service! ie if you want uncropped you pay! And where do I sign up!

  • googboog

    i tried to look at my monitor from a different angle. alas

  • anonymous
  • anonymous
  • Raul

    #1 is Nikala Stott (or Nikkala Stott) British and yes she has awsome Model. U can see here in the Site BODYINMIND.
    #13 is Barbara Mori, she is a Sexy Mexican Movie/TV actress. Gorgeus and hot too. I repeat, SEXYYYYYY.


  • Nameless

    You Maniacs! You cropped it up! Ah, damn you! God damn you all to hell!

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