Define: Awesome. Part II (55 Photos)

Yesterday, one of our Chivers wrote us an email asking us to, 'Define Awesome'. This was our response. However, we decided that defining true awesomeness requires a two-part answer. This is theCHIVE's final answer. Enjoy!

  • mikethecarpenter

    girls are just hot.

  • SweetJesus

    A tasteful and respectful tribute to the female form, which is the most important source of energy in the universe. Mankind is the only force of change in the universe besides pure random mutation and movement. Mankind, like all living things, is motivated by procreation–making more of itself. That motivation is stimulated by and directed toward the female form. That is all.

  • Rick

    #9 OMG!

  • Dark Skined chick

    No ethnicities outside of white and asian huh? I guess the darker the skin, the less awesome at the Chive

    • The Knowledge

      STFU douche-nugget.

      • Girl 1

        Nice one racist

  • joydivision92

    #9 NAME NOW!

  • blah

    #9 ftw

  • Stupendous


  • Djoira

    33 & 34 ❤

  • Drew

    Ewwwww #9 and #27. Any of the lovely ass shots I will take for sure. My top three 45 48 37.

  • Drew

    I just want #45 and #48 to sit on my face.

  • Crypt

    well whats gonna make you a sandwich and give you sex
    an explosion, a T-rex, a gun, or a woman?

    ..Hopefully you're answer is woman.

  • W O W

    WHERE did you get all these pictures?!

  • Los Felizian

    Full of win, but…34, 35 and 55. Awesome, with a capital A.

  • jay

    A little Color, would have really Set it Off. FFine Girls Though!!!

    • LOLZ

      I'm starting to think The Chive has an EXTREME preference to the white and asian chicks. Not that it's bad, but damn, there ARE pretty fine ethnic chicks out there

  • toberoo

    29 who are you?

  • Kep

    #9 & #50 – Same Girl?? Who is it??

  • carlo

    Who is Nr. 16? I need more!!!


    all i can say is AWESOME !!!!!!!

  • howler

    Oh dear heavens… yes please! Especially #9 (& 10, 11,12, 13, 14… you get the idea)

  • Htisss

    #2 is sublime. Would love to see more.

  • Motis

    #2 is hot to me I like a plain Jane woman with average tits, #9 and #50 are the same woman but I do love Ginger's


    so the whole girl next door, natural, not staged format is where? Don't get me wrong, lots of beauty and sexy, but….totally unnatural, all models or wannabes.

  • bill

    wow #2 is awesome.

  • The Mad Zak

    What makes all of these women more attractive than my wife is the fact that none of them are bitching at me.

  • Always Last


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