There are sexy Chivers among us (35 Photos)

  • uber guy

    35 kinda looks like Terri Hatcher

    • HoooooooooKid

      I interrupt these comments for some breaking news… a major sexplosion has happened in my pants. It is too soon to tally how many victims there may be, but the numbers are likely in the millions. Actively seeking "qualified" volunteers for clean up efforts. (read: sponge-bath) Ladies?

      • SweetAwesomeness

        i interrupt this breaking news for even more breaking news….i like turtles!!!! that i all……

        • SweetAwesomeness

          FUCKING POLL!

          • Kinky

            to uber guy: she looks like terri but a lot fucking hotter

        • The zombie, Jonathan

          me too =D

  • borys

    33 kinda looks like a motorboat

    • Nec

      You saved my day 😉

  • tommy

    25 kinda looks like my wife

    • aosux

      Your wife kinda looks like my girlfriend. BONG!

      • ronnie

        your girlfriend kinda looks like my daughter

        • capitancoolo

          your daughter looks kinda like my cock-sheath.

    • boo radley

      haha, no way you have a way that looks like that.
      haha, no way you have a wife.

  • Steven Jenkins

    I like the color coordination between text and tits on 16. nice touch

    • Dex

      I didn't notice the co-ordination at first glance… well spotted though, I agree.

      • stafferty

        Gay test, if you noticed the type, I have bad news for you.

  • Rcjaos

    Andrea, everyone will look at your face second and then not care either way!

  • Frank

    #34 needn't worry – beautiful!

  • Phil

    11 is gorgeous, and it'll be nice to see "Andrea's" face… or just more clevage.

  • Mr. Hit it!

    There is something about 20. Maybe the jail time but I would.

  • kezon

    there's something nerdy but sexy about #26 (not only the glasses)

  • Ben King

    Nice work ladies…you are all awesome in my book.

  • Joezu

    #17, #20 and #26 are the TOP3 for me 🙂

  • Josh Baraniak

    there's a whole lotta lower back problems candidates in here today

  • Raul Duke

    Attn Women: Gun tattoos are no longer original and well played out. They are as original as nautical stars. Plus they will look like shit after you have your first child. Try doing something original for a change.

    • Ken

      What do you expect them to do, get laser surgery to remove them because you think they are "played out?" They are TATTOOS…as in permanent.

    • SweetAwesomeness

      says the guy with the un-original, overused screen name…

    • its_forge

      They were still original when she had them done several years ago you dumb wanker.

      • Always Last

        Good thing she didn't pay too much for them – so worth the cheaper price!

  • Jeff Sayatovic

    #3 and #20 .. Their eyes are stunning.. Stunning!!

    • Chaco

      I was totally thinking the same thing.

  • freakazoid

    ur wife is wrong, if nothing else just keep telling her the swelling will go down sooner or later….. in my pants

  • cat21_1

    No.9 shoot me with your guns….

  • aosux

    It looks like the cheezitz belong in #7 not 6.

  • Beau

    Those jugs in #2, they really speak to me. It's as if they are begging for some type of nautical vehicle… a motorized boat perhaps…. to travel between them.

    • Patty

      Thanks, I guess..lmfao

  • Louise

    Yay I made it in! (13!) xxxxx

    • its_forge

      Yay and also wow!

    • Dave

      Please keep posting….very sexy!

    • On1Knee

      Yay! Will you marry me?

  • homina homina homina

    I've said it before and i'll say it again, the sexy chivers are hotter than any famous model or actress. 100% For sure!

  • hossmank

    #34, they look the proper size to me!

  • j12goose

    Pretty sure that I love each and every one….

  • Dave

    All of you ladies look outstanding! Thank you ALL for posting! Beautiful!

  • Shakespeare

    I've happily achieved some Chive glory!!!! I'm numbers1 and 4.

    • Beau

      WHAT?! Are you serious? Have you some sort of warped version of hot? Boo radley sir you are a madman and I demand reprimand!

      Unfortunately this is the intarwebz and no matter the protest you are free to express your douchebagism. Carry on.

    • its_forge

      Woot!!! You ver' pretty.

  • Squidr

    Andrea, as long as its not a duck face, you'll get several thumbs up just for having the nerve. 🙂

    • Malachi Constant

      No shit that body is perfect

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