World’s thinest house looks…comfortable (16 Photos)

Austrian artist Erwin Wurm created this amazing sculpture of the world’s narrowest house. I think I’ll pass, but maybe it’s all the rage, ya know, if you’re homeless.

  • Firstly

    First, suckas!

  • Stoffel

    Not built for the average american

    • hyperion.pantibiblon

      neither 4 a sumô fighter

  • jacquiealjarqawi

    Wow, think of all the space you can save.

    Claustrophobic much?

  • Sammy

    Ohhhh the toilet……. i'de be to scared to get the stomach flu > <

  • fasterthanu

    Isn't that a typical home in Japan?

    • Pauly_Walnuts

      ur an idiot!

      • fasterthanu

        You're a dickhead!

  • Ducky

    The inside pics are kinda nauseating. It's like a PCP flashback.

  • Bassline

    what's the point of this? how can you call this "art"

  • Marry

    First? first?

  • unfairrobot

    TheChive apparently owns the world's thinest dictionary.

  • BigDingo

    so…. this is Kate Moss' home?

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Put it in a trailer park…..they'll eat that shit right up

  • bear

    this house is a piece of shit, how do you bang in that bed? Stupid chinks….

    • Justin Hall

      Judging by the epic faildom in this nugget of wisdom, I'm thinking your experiences don't extend far beyond lubing up Ms. Palmy McPalmerson for a romantic evening by yourself.

      • P-90

        Oh that two timing bitch.

  • Beau

    They could have at least made it have two floors.

    • Justin Hall

      You're right. It would've been totally livable then.

  • Itsame!

    This is an actual house in the town i used to live in:

    its 1.8 meters wide!

    • jpj

      what are these meters you speak of?

  • gil

    this is quite weird because i actually went there 2 days ago and 2 days later its on the chive.. hahaha this house is in 798, one of the most well known art galleries in the world. china FTW

  • Ambrocious

    That is just not gonna work…nope….

  • Steve Shaw

    #12: Note to self, avoid indian food.

  • bob

    It's cool girl… you can have the left side of the bed… i promise I won't try anything. 😉

  • B-Man

    Your gonna be using the plunger very frequently with that toilet…

  • KMD

    Is that a rotary phone?

  • KlKl

    there has no be a no fat chicks sign.

  • Tomás Guzmán

    Not for claustrophobics..

  • northerner


  • top dog

    That ain't no house, thats a hall way with amenities.

  • googboog

    rosie o'donnel cannot live here. ever

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