Best photos of the week (45 Photos)

  • Stefan

    Does anyone know the name of #14?

  • northerner

    #37, Why? Her boobs are not that big. Just sayin'. Lovely girl she is…um hum.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    45, who needs Rosetta Stone..

  • jed

    whos 25?

  • Beldar

    Hell, I want to know who the gymnast flashing the kid in the pool is. She looks pretty fit.

  • greg_wire

    moar #14 por favor! 😀

  • Ducky

    I wonder if 34 makes good sammiches. Cuz if she does…..

  • Arty

    #37 not big enough for the back problem club

  • 0001

    My golden retriever does the same thing as #20

  • its_forge

    34) We've done a great job getting rid of duckface, now can we start a moratorium on hot chicks squatting in front of toilets? Y'know?

  • shanna_SA

    wow getting super dissapointed with chive, same old pics and far too many "fill in chick pics" <- which involves going on tio any site to save and upload…. I want the cool chive awesomeness again 😦 u guys are slacking in the "orignaly, funny, supa crazee department" bored with this site <- as much as it pains me to say that…maybe just cut your loss and become and adult site *sigh*

  • Redditor

    the good ones are from reddit

  • VelvetSmog

    Pic # 22, what is that called (the "film strip" style). They're hilarious and I'm trying to find more of these.

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  • tech_fanboy

    "roomate"… right

  • Thiulka

    22: who's the guy that walked into mordor? please help

  • Anonymous

    #4 David Duchovny with tits

    #7…. Chive, y u ok to say ‘faggot’ but not ‘nigger’… Not racist … Just a question

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