Enjoy your day off, suckas (21 photos)

  • knbbl

    first, suckers!

    • Dave

      I'm sure you are always the first to suck

      • CoconutHead64

        dude nice

    • Firstly

      Dude, don't steal my line, jackass.

    • schango

      Every time someone post a "first" comment, God kills a puppy. [way to go asshole]

  • gUEST

    Poor George – never gonna work hard again and will definitely quit like #20!

  • king


  • Sadie

    I don't know much about decomposition but…. wouldn't Mr. Turklebaum kind of look… off?

  • hater

    photoshop sucks.

  • fasterthanu

    #15 Shayla Hersheys new bra is ready.

  • googboog

    the turklebaum thing is a hoax from 10 years ago… wtf man. this was one of those chain letter things when i was in high school.

  • dantertaker

    #13 George Costanza??
    anyway, stupid co-workers. its a shame.

  • chrisdg74

    #6 – I'm gonna burn this place down.

  • Anonymous

    no.3 is actually an arabic singer

  • TheArchiDan

    no.3 is an arabic singer

  • Nameless

    Number 16 appears to be looting while armed with a Red Rider BB rifle.

  • Penelope

    # 2
    Oh look…Kadena AFB.

  • schango

    I said "comment" not "reply," jackass.

  • first

    see below then

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