Now serving a healthy sample of FAIL (31 Photos)

  • Primero

    Either this post or my browser is adding to the annals of fail. No pix.

  • hater

    Good 1 chive….either the joke's on us or you guys suck at your job.

  • Hoof-Hearted

    #12 is definitely a WIN

  • Daz

    fkn hell talk about stepping back in time, I think I saw most of those when I still used Netscape Navigator.

  • king


  • Crystal

    Anyone know what happened to 31? Or, even better, does anyone have pictures of 31 a few seconds later?

    • ron

      I don't think the dog is about to bite her face. I think this is a case of long lens "compression", ie, when using a telephoto lens, it tends to make things look closer together than they really are.

  • chrisdg74

    3 – I triple dog dare you!
    Great movie.

  • chrisdg74

    Wouldn't 12 be a win for the kid?

  • Catherine Anderson

    re-post FAIL.

  • blackmore

    #26 is an official attempt of getting as most people (volunteers – students) into a bus in mlynska dolina, bratislava, slovakia.
    …and you're about right, around 340-350 had fit in 🙂 luckily no one was injured

  • ...

    #6 Pacheco = Stoned ?

  • Beau

    Now when I see #15 I can't help but to think of the little girl who gave not one single fuck that day.

  • Doctor Commento

    8—Snake Win!
    9—Typical Cub Suckage

  • Motor Show

    Not bad but for sure some of the pictures are fake like the valcony. Miss Universe wallpapers

  • Someone

    #31: person is scarier than the dog!

  • BigDingo

    Have no new fails happened in the last 3 months?

  • sexypanda

    damn ive seen every single one of these….

  • HellHath NoFury

    I would have smacked that kid in his rude little pecker.

  • Sadie

    #9: Just think of it as Botox… sorta 😉

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    15. Still love that girl bottom-centre!

  • Nat Fiction

    26 yeah, we also have this in my country. we like to call it everyday

  • Urewelcome

    Dave Matthews + Microphone= Mega Fail!!!

  • Julie DeSilva

    Fail indeed.

  • Juan

    what a beautiful gift you gave that llitte boy Im a donor too and I hope someday I can help somebody. My daughter had leukemia and she was a donor recipient but unfortunatly she past away april 2008 but I always be grateful with those peaple like you that can help to save a life God bless you always.

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