• tom

    are those grubs?

  • today

    I know Americans have our own dietary problems, and Asians eat much better than we do. But fuck this

  • HellHath NoFury

    Clearly you've never been to Singapore.
    Or Uganda.

    • ben7686

      Shut up

      • HellHath NoFury

        Really? That's what you have? Eloquent.

        • Urmom

          hmm oddly enough everyone seems to appreciate his words.., so once again, go back to the kitchen woman

          • HellHath NoFury

            You're dead. My therapist told me not to talk to you while you're dead, mom.

            • Dave Gal

              Personally I liked the Pirates Of The Caribbean reference.

              • CPO_Mendez

                Agreed! And I thought I was the only one who caught that…

                • nocturnesthesia

                  I hereby apologize for my gender. HHNF… just shut up. You're making us all look bad

    • NipNong

      Singapore food sucks. Malaysia wins.

      • HellHath NoFury

        POTC fail. Idiot.

        • McBeastie

          Yeah, no. I'm pretty sure you're the idiot on this one.

          • HellHath NoFury

            Really, no one gets the POTC ref? Man, I am surrounded by fucking fools.

            • t-money

              Yeah, Pirates of the Caribbean, you are clever, now go do the dishes

              • HellHath NoFury

                A real woman doesn't have to be told, and a real man can do his own damn cleaning instead of not getting his pretty fingernails dirty.

                • pufffdragon

                  No one got the reference because firstly, that movie sucked. And secondly, it sucked more with each sequel.

                  • HellHath NoFury

                    Is that why Johnny Depp is surrounded by hot woemn all the time and you aren't? Because you're far better?

                    • HellHath NoFury

                      woemn is a new word.

                    • pufffdragon

                      I can't really tell you why Johnny and myself are surrounded by hot woemen. Coincidence maybe?…. I think not.

                    • sippinator94

                      -67 – Your comment score.

                      Shut up.

                    • HellHath NoFury

                      Yours is magnificently more sad.

                    • sippinator94

                      -101: What happens when you say first.

                      And let me reiterate my first comment:

                      "You have -67 comment throughout this thread, shut up."

                    • HellHath NoFury

                      Holy shit, now that you say it like that, I think I'll contemplate everything I'm ever going to say, so as not to irritate the mighty sippinator, far younger and more cowardly in his quest to make fun of girls and never show his face.

                    • sippinator94

                      Damn straight. Know your place.

                    • Ron

                      HHNF, just go away already. Your comments are getting increasingly irritating to read and the majority think so as well.

                    • HellHath NoFury

                      Not according to my Facebook, bitch.

                    • Crabbietheguy

                      And that was amusing to read.
                      And my comment is not .

                    • Ron

                      Nice…what a juvenile comeback. Are you still in high school?

                      That's because the people on Facebook are your friends, they get your lame sense of humor. I am not one to censor free speech but when you are bashing people calling them "idiots", "f***ing fools" or "bitch"es, I draw the line. You are not bringing anything helpful to the conversation but are being very derogatory towards other people.

                      Where is HeartUnderTheRose to come to your defense? Or is that just another pseudonym that you post under?

                    • HellHath NoFury

                      Um, have you not noticed that she and I look different? She's moved away and she's my best friend. Some people have friends in real life. It's not my fault that i call them like i see them. Honesty and kindness do not always coincide.

                    • CPO_Mendez

                      HHNF I love it how everyone says you are annoying and to tries to tell you to stop posting, yet they keep replying… Interesting…

                    • bob

                      lol having you as a best friend i can see why she's 'moved away'.

                    • MichaelGS

                      8 Faceless trolls hardly make up a majority bro, you need go back and learn some basic math

    • me2

      Never been to the moon either, but that's still disgusting. Superworms with strawberries. F that shit!

      • northerner

        Agreed. BLECCH! Squared.

    • SAS Eagle

      I lived in Singapore for 4 years, they don't eat bugs. Cuttlefish and durians yes, bugs no.

      • McBeastie

        I went to SAS as well. Way back in the late '80s.

  • OneClownShoe

    I fucking love strawberries!

  • equalizermax

    Good thing they don't have rats inside the house…

    • Sarah

      Indeed – they're quite possibly in the cake already..

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  • Sadie

    Mmmm dericious.

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  • steve-0



    There are husky puppies inside that cake…

  • szak5

    W T F! dude this is gross!!!!!

  • SJay

    seen that before. Even bought a packet or two of those little buggers. BBQ and chili. flavor. And honestly, they didn't taste bad. Similar BBQ to Smiths Thins, and they're surprisingly crunchy. Yet small. And holy crap did the chili ones pack a punch.

  • sander

    bugs are a big source of proteins =)

  • zoe

    is anyone else wondering why shes in a maids outfit

    • Miko

      What I'm wondering about is if she's really a she.

    • Brian P.

      Wait wait, I know this one. It's because she's Asian.

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