• George Danger Cruz

    Meh. I've seen better and funnier.

    • fuzzybeard2016

      That's what she said.

    • unfairrobot

      My arse is better and funnier.

  • Maurice James Girvan


  • hotsaucebandito


  • david

    this has got to be another Chive prank…no way can this guy be real! If he is and they did vote him on the board those idiots got exactly what they deserve.

  • Tony

    Was this him putting this up or some other tennant merely after letting the whole world know what a douche this guy is?


    he must be president!!

  • ball

    he seems pretty rad to me

  • Matt

    This is my condo complex he is running for. Miller is the current board president who has changed his name in the past due to shady stuff.

  • A guy

    I'm a guy and i think this asshole is a bad representation of men.

  • Chaz

    dude's got a pretty good platform. but i don't know… his picture looks a kinda fake. a little too Absolute Vodka "cut and paste" i think.

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