A few heavyweight champions in their own special way (29 Photos)

  • shanna_SA

    #19 is just bad body proportion if you see she isnt big on top….I bitch about putting on a few pounds & hvaing wobly bits which I'm sorting out at gym…but imagine not being able to buy clothes and walk with that mass on you I feel sorry for them because most of it is because of some hidden trauma or lonliness 😦

    • banana

      My friend was always slightly chubby; her mother and father are both bigger people. She got raped when she was fifteen, two months after her mother died from undiagnosed cancer. After that she gained, seriously, like seventy or eighty pounds. I can't blame her.

  • Brownie87

    I would smash the sh*t of # 7!! She has got an amazingly sexy fat ass!!!! Just remember to hit it doggie though!!

  • Beth

    I think #7 is Perez Hilton

  • neil


  • nocturnesthesia

    #7: Proof that no matter what you look like, dressing slutty will attract male attention. Also known as the "If it's a hole, it's a goal" theorem. Now, pardon me while I search for another left sock…

    Also, the cheerleader isn't that big, that's just an unfortunate picture.

    • Rather not say

      It must be the outfit, cause I would fuck the hell out of #7

  • ollivertwisted

    #1 Sign her up. Big Ben could use the help.
    #17 I didn't know cows came in her size…

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