Are you in good hands? (7 Photos)

  • I'm Fifty Tyson

    That goddamn gecko isn't that great either.

    • I'm Fifty Tyson

      That chick Flo from Progressive is hot, though… alright, time to come down. Sillysighben is a helluva drug.

      • Nameless

        You mean the one all decked out in white with the fire engine red lipstick and the yellow teeth?

        • poops like bunny

          yeah the one that wears the "Bump it" in her hair and it looks like she's got a big lump in the back of her head. I wanted to fuck her brains out but i believe somebody beat me to it

  • Where in the WORLD

    Oops doesn't quite cover this. Neither will my bad, my fault, two palms facing your head, covering your face so on and so forth

  • Lift this

    This is what happens when the new guy says, "I got this."

  • Beau

    What's that? Ferry full of cars tips over? Lots of damages? CALLING ALL LAWYERS, PARALEGALS, ASSISTANTS, ANYONE!!! GET TO THAT FERRY NOW! COME ON PEOPLE – SUE SUE SUE!!! ON THE DOUBLE!!!

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    This is what you get for saving 15% or more on car insurance

  • Flavius

    Chive, how much money exactly are you getting from the-west . com, is it really worth it ???? The ad is so annoying with that music!! And it's way too loud!!!!!!

    or at least make default option Mute!!!!!

  • Dom

    Fuck that, I want to punch the shit out of that smug fucker in the state farm commercials.

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  • equalizermax

    I wish they would have traded my lemon car first with a new one before they did these…

  • tommybhoy

    Fail Boat has arrived

  • 2010 firebird

    all aboard the fail boat. please stay to the right, the side of the boat that isn't in the water. I am going to need your keys too, so the valet can park your car.

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