Daily Afternoon Randomness (30 Photos)

  • metalcool36

    I would like to see the outcome of #24

    • metalcool36

      Firstly, you've officially been cockblocked!

    • joshdyk87

      I've seen the video of that jump. He grabs onto the ledge, can't pull himself up, the window is closed, and he jumps back from off of the wall. It's a funny ending to a pretty sweet video.

    • joshdyk87

      Sorry, I was wrong. I was thinking of this video:

      The last 10 seconds.

    • kmd

      it's a picture of him lying on the ground with the caption "over-confidence."

    • w/eeeee

      it aint preety, trust me

      • top dog

        Picture this in your mind….he didn't make it.

  • Matt

    I'll take all 4… At the same time!

  • Squidr

    4 3 1 2 Personal preference i guess.

    • Dug

      2, 4, 1, 3 (3 last purely based on the duckface in the bottom pic)

      • nps

        2,1,4,3 (same duck face response.. lol)

  • man man

    #29 – All of the above, please.

    • Daniellim

      The first photo is India Reynolds and Rosie Jones, the 3 girls on the right i have no idea who they are.

    • Fly

      I need more photos to decide.

  • bowhuntpa


    • tag

      Hell yeah

  • jmmillerfzr

    1 would work for me

  • mase

    all of them

  • Boston Matt

    Chive you must find the names of those girls! Put me down for #2!

  • Richard

    wouldnt min going on vacation with them

  • eric

    30 all 4 at the same time. don't pretend like its something you haven't done before

  • Henry VIII

    #26 – Nice Bass!

  • monkeytime!

    3 because I'd like nothing more than to slap her duckface with my.. :):):):) !!

  • stafferty

    I'll take 1,2, and 4,. I simply cannot approve of any duckface.

    • stafferty


    • J P

      Agreed 1 2 and 4…. 3 cut it out!

  • PrimerGray

    #2 fo sho

  • no name


  • Big E


  • Chris


    • Randall Toots

      Yeah, I wanna know what that's from…

      • Ryn

        The shot is from a calendar called Empowered Beauty. By a photographer called Tony Ryan. You can see her pic here: http://www.leapoffaith.com.au/tony_ryan Second row, fourth in. Not sure who she is though.

  • daddyfatsak


  • thedude

    #2 has some SEXY abs 😉

  • Kdessey

    other than #3 making the Duckface.. I'd do them all again…

  • chance

    Girls of # 30, 1 and 4 can snadwich me anytime.

  • king

    pic # 3 i am walking my dog your argument is invalid

  • NoPixels

    all of them ,can't make a choice

  • steve


  • king

    as for 30: i pick number 1,2,4,3 its because of the duckface

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