Noah is my homie (23 Photos)

  • LolCat

    Iz in ur Chive stuff, thummin down ur comints.

  • Where in the WORLD

    O to be an animal, as long is it isn't one of those endangered ones

    • Beau

      Can't take the pressure of being expected to reproduce ASAP?

      • Where in the WORLD

        way to many people poking and prodding, plus all the watching

      • shanna_SA

        lol good one 🙂

  • ikindalikeapples

    number one is obviously a rap battle

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    15, FIRE….me want FIRE

  • Flavius

    Chive, how much money exactly are you getting from the-west . com, is it really worth it ???? The ad is so annoying with that music!! And it's way too loud!!!!!!

    or at least make default option Mute!!!!!

    • youdummy

      dude get a browser

  • stafferty

    #15 is real cute, until he finishes summoning his zombie horde to eat you and your loved ones. Then he is not quite as cute anymore.

  • Hez26

    menage a trois in the middle of the road….."GO AROUND!"

    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      the humper became the humpee

    • unfairrobot

      Reminds me of that old gag:
      "Mate, I was coming, she was coming, and you were coming… and only one of us has got brakes!"

  • Palin Comparison

    People need to stop painting their cats and dogs. Number 8 is a good example. It just doesn't look right at all. When did this start? It's horrible.

    Although, it is quite funny at times …

  • johnny rotten

    #15 "and breathe iinnn"

  • Stevo

    #9 Mafia duck is about to get whacked.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    7, Hai imma lion…look at mi ballz

  • P-90

    #3, 11, 21, 22 are very cute.

  • Adrian

    #19 IT'S A TRAP!!!!!!!!

  • Big Los

    #7, "U evar jes let yur ballz hang"

  • equalizermax

    #13 – Derp Dog

  • Kyle

    I would love to see #19 30 seconds later. And #15: I AM YOUR GOD!!!!

  • Zixon

    How i miss Red wolves Thumbs up if u agree

  • shanna_SA

    love love

  • laser

    #15 there are no nails

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