There’s an entire festival for gingers? (30 Photos)

"Roodharigendag" translates to 'Redhead Day' and is the name of a Dutch festival held on the first weekend in September at Breda, the Netherlands. The curtains match the carpet or else...

  • notaginger


  • JalapenoPopper

    First! #31 is the best

    • notaginger


  • MigraineBoy

    See? That's what you get when you legalize drugs.

    Nevertheless… I love Holland, I love redheads and it's right next door…

  • whatsmyhouse

    It amazes me they are doing this in the sun.

  • chrisdg74

    I can smell the SPF-100 sunblock from here.

  • @AldoFRodriguez

    Number 31 MUST be identified! STAT!

    • anon

      Megan Elizabeth…google and you will be happy.

    • creepy

      Megan Elizabeth

  • man man

    I heard that Banana Boat made a killing in concessions.

  • tommybhoy


  • Justin Hall

    Gingers have no souls!

    …Except for that hot one in #3 and #31. They have souls.

  • Pancho

    I am from the Netherlands and believe you me, we also thought WTF?! Seriously, 4000 gingers grouping together is very creepy. And no, our opinion on gingers doesn't differ a lot from yours :')

    • MigraineBoy

      Wat? Geen lekkere rooie meid gaan zoeken? 😉

    • Sinn

      really? I didn't… And I live there.

  • Satanas

    wow.. ginger girls r hot :O

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    1-30 (meh) 31 (HOLY SHIT MANG!!!!)

  • workin_donkey

    I'm guessing 31 was not shot at the festival. Just sayin'.

  • chrisdg74

    I see what you did there.

  • aosux

    I definitely straind my eyes trying to see if the carpet matches the curtains.

    • Rick

      Love it when the carpet and curtains match!!!! Anyone's who has not experienced this is really missing something …….

  • Merovingian

    6 is hot

  • tst4eko

    Needed to rotate my monitor for a better view of #31….MOAR PLEASE!!!

  • Sadie

    I keep thinking about the "drapes" :S

  • hamster huey

    and when a bunch of blonde white guys meet in a stadium in germany its racism huh…

  • Duder

    Megan Elizabeth is the name of number 31. Thanks to a quick tineye reverse image search.

  • Hitbox

    sweet post-read bout this a couple of years back…. =)

    bet none of you one here would'nt have the balls to be a Ginger…..

    all the shit we have to put up with from you lot…..
    but what you expect if the society we live in today if full of anti racist,ageist,sexist laws…. so Could Gingers be helping the human race by takin the piss out of them to ease yourself…. that's my view…. thats y i'm proud to be Ginger……

    (Waiting for some smartass to say STFU u have no soul or u chat too much shit :P)

    • Affe

      If you had the "choice", you wouldn't have the balls to be ginger.

      and STFU u have no soul.

      • Hitbox

        i've had a choice for the past 25 years mate-it's called hair dye 😛

    • davey

      stfu u souless full o shit chatterbox!

  • Troy Crow

    Umm…I'm a ginger too. Now, STFU you souless bastard!

  • Sandu Gunnakillu

    nice ending 😉

    • Kjellupa

      Would you go as far as to say it was a "Happy" ending?

  • Hot for red

    Love redheaded women. Wish I was there

  • shagee50

    Who is picture 31…hottest woman I have ever seen!

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