There’s an entire festival for gingers? (30 Photos)

"Roodharigendag" translates to 'Redhead Day' and is the name of a Dutch festival held on the first weekend in September at Breda, the Netherlands. The curtains match the carpet or else...

  • Frank G

    Redheads are going to be extinct in 5,000 years…

  • Carrot

    Real Gingers don't bitch… We make up for our inner rage with bitchin sex.

  • Someone

    Some of these lovely ladies are redheads, not gingers, there is a difference 🙂

  • Graz

    Ginger is what God would make all women if there really were a god.

  • sgrodahl

    Some of those are redheads, not gingers. Learn the differance.

  • Mouse

    #31 is Megan Elizabeth

  • Rick

    Ahh, when the carpet matches the curtains — pure joy!

  • Jay

    There is no god.

  • Serendipity

    Don't diss the Gingers….we're watching…and waiting…..and if we don't have souls…we'll just take yours……

  • Serendipity

    Sorry pookie……redheads and gingers are the same thing….. redheads are the muscle of the clan…. > : )

  • Jason

    This would be considerably better without all the dudes…. oh and if 20 didnt have the lame tights on under the skirt…. although her legs are probably see through…. so keep the tights?

  • Anonymous


  • Tony Miteff

    #12 is delicious. eye heart redheads

  • Let's go


  • HellHath NoFury

    13-not a ginger
    20-rick astley

  • Firstly

    Does 20 really think he's a ginger? If I was a ginger, I'd be offended that that kid showed up.

  • shanna_SA

    11 and 31 are so similar…red heads are sooo whimsical…..they remind me so much of the medievil times

  • ronnie

    I wonder if "coppercab" is there spreading the word.. Gingers have souls!

  • Hitbox

    Here's a biggie-What if God was a Ginger LOL 😛

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  • Franky

    I usually love ginger girls but somehow the idea of thousands of gingers together is frightening me

  • P-90

    Long live the ginge.

  • youminxia

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  • jtatman

    That post would have been better with more partial nudity… How about some MOAR sexy gingers. With lots of partial nudity. #31 is a good start!!!

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