Daily Afternoon Randomness (35 Photos)

  • Screwdriver

    #7 ate #34

  • http://thechive.wordpress.com/ unfairrobot

    Oh Mandy…
    You came and you gave without taking…

  • SweetJesus

    This post and the comments I've spent the last hour reading make me have to go out and get drunk now.

  • Phil

    Apparently I'm killing zombies with a small speaker or a mug… hmm… I hope I can upgrade soon.

  • bigmoneymike

    i like all boobs. No racial discrimination here

  • B-Man

    My weapon is my bass stereo. And I prefer Asian.

  • Popper scopper

    My weapon would be a window.

  • sham

    a casio wristwatch…. im fucked

  • Drew

    #35… I'm mostly interested in the trumpet as a mantle piece. WTF?

  • Anonymous

    Im going with the asian underboob.. And btw, 23# I will fight the zombies with my printer :s

  • niknod

    in response to #23, all I have is a starburst wrapper and a remote, i'm fucked. And american, the asians look floppy

  • cmc29624

    as a generality? american underboob but azn over all.
    and my weapon for the z.a. is a computer
    FUCK YEAH!!!!

  • boby13

    #23 – a lightsaber

  • Hero's Comeback

    #23 thank god i have a shot gun next to my desk.

  • Nameless

    Looks like my zombie weapon is a shitty cordless phone. Unless I'm using it to call in airstrikes, I guess that means I'm fucked too.

  • hotbeefhero

    That worked out well, the item to my left was my bow, i would be ready for the zombie aopcalypse, except my arrows are under the bed behind me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young

    #11 = Impossible. If Chuck Norris spit there, it would've created a wormhole that would've sent the car to the depths of the deepest part of the Pacific Ocean. It would not have survived.

  • Alkaline Duo

    Polish underboob.

  • FloridaBassguy

    #17 Why, why, why would such a pretty thing make herself so fugly?

  • MB13


  • Jared Hawkins

    #2 has been posted under this site before. Nice recycle tho

  • whetfhart

    Blargh! #17 is disgusting. Honestly anybody that thinks that is hot is probably just as f@cked in the head as she is. I don't care what she does, if she's a good person, takes care of old people, cured cancer or works at a hospital for sick kids. She looks disgusting. Nothing will ever change that.
    Even I'm a little taken back by my reaction, but that was it. My honest reaction to that picture. I'm sure she may be a good person, but…

  • Tony

    #23 godamn it, it had to be my guitar, everyone knows bass is the best instrument to fight the living dead off with………discuss

  • Grey

    #23…. computer speaker…OH SHI…

  • couchjesus1264

    who is #7 anyone know? that girl is smoking hot.

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