• Andrew Creager

    WOOOOO YEAHHHHHHHHHH WINNER TAKES ALLLLLL…….he needs to lay of the methhhh

  • McBeastie

    He forgot the first rule. Always begin the speech with a joke…..or was that his joke?

  • dece

    “dang phil, you’re looking tired. up late last night?”

    “yeah, tipped a few back, you know. just woke up about an hour ago”

    “don’t you have that speech in a few minutes?”

    “oh damn, you’re right, what should i do?”

    “well you can’t go in there looking like this. nobody’ll vote for you. here, snort a little of this coke… WHOA man, i said a LITTLE!”

  • Ken

    I wonder if Hitler sounded a little like that when he was starting out? Weren't the Jews an infestation? Doesn't Bin laden think of the infidels as an infestation? More than a little creepy when a political leader starts calling other people an infestation.

  • 'Merica

    when he derps, he derps hard.

  • cygnusx1

    He's got a great future on Sunday mornings as an Evangilist… Who's your daddy Tammy Faye !!!

  • V4Vendetta14

    This guy RULEZ!!! I was waiting for him to challenge his Democratic rival to a steel cage match!!!!

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