Photographer sets out to find the ultimate girls of summer (67 Photos)

Photographer Gordon von Steiner has the best job in the world. This summer he traveled to New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, and Copenhagen in search of the perfect summer girls. He's able to capture the fleeting essence of the season in a smile, a glance, a perfect ass. As the summer winds to a close, enjoy this one, Chivers.


  • tommy

    there's something about 18, man

    • youdummy

      it's her hotness

    • The zombie, Jonathan

      Have to say it's the only pic that comes close to capturing the essence of anything =(

    • ramesh kamuni

      what is this. you are upload photos and again you are asking comment from yourside.
      is thier any chance me pople like me
      ramesh kamuni

  • devon

    aaaaand I'm FIRST, how does that feel, chivers?

    • Franky

      Except you're not Failer

    • chrisdg74

      I don't know. Tell us how it feels to FAIL.

    • Jimmy

      your life must suck something awful

  • NoPainNoGain

    First and foremost, I love woman

  • Mark

    I set out to find a boner

  • Brandon

    Please find more of #11 or who she is

    • chuck

      agreed. she's not only hot, but has the sexiest look by far

      • Kord

        Yeah. I agree whole heartedly.

    • Tagu

      I second this proposal

    • @gluecks

      Judging by the background and cup in her hand, you best check

  • parkinson

    I found the boner

  • Franky


  • chrisdg74

    Lucky S.O.B.

  • krisb

    #39. Any girl with a Clash t-shirt is OK by me.
    BTW, still hate those big fucking sunglasses.

    • MarkAssBuster

      yep. those glasses can hide a lot of ugly

    • top dog

      Women love big funking,,,,,things.

    • guest

      I was just gonna say that! Good on ya! That's one trend that should have stayed in the 70's! "fashion" isnt beauty.

  • nathan

    16 really turns me on


    ummmm so i think its for sure we need everything the chive has on 11and maybe someone to fallow her around and take random pics all the time, maybe start a fan club??

  • Cristi Palincas

    What I like the most in this set is the faces – the photographer caught some very nice smiles. And the ratio of duckface vs no-duckface in 56 images is very good.

  • Jonathan

    Awesome pics…except one – Uggs on the beach makes you look like an absolute idiot.

  • andalgokandallo

    #4 is effing awesome

  • Pat

    # 66 is cute… IMO

  • Jim

    #5…YES, YES,YES!!! Since high school, I've been a sucker for pink hair.

  • Defy

    #15 please. Thank you.

  • Yourfreakindaddy


  • Skedaddle to Seattle

    #36: meanwhile, somewhere in Iceland…..And, BTW, 11, 31 and 41- awesome.

  • Can't believe it

    Holy $#!t, 34 is my friend's sister.

    • westerly

      Tell your friend I want to bang his sister

    • westerly

      Tell your friend I want to bang his sister

  • Mr Wesley

    I've been spoiled by The Chive. While all of these real women are cute, they're not as impressive as many of the pro models and Sexy Chivers featured here.

  • Me2

    So that's the excuse he uses to get pics of a bunch of chicks.. huh. And someone paid him for it? "I need to travel to exotic locations and take pictures of women for no reason whatsoever.. er, I mean, for an assignment."

    Sign me up!

  • Luke

    Wasn't #44 Mischa Barton

  • BabyMistakes

    Where were these shits taken? Williamsburg? Or hipster is spilling over into regular.

  • Rick

    ALL good but…. #11 is IT and #35 is almost it. The man has great taste!!

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