Firefighters of 911 (25 Photos)

  • Mitch

    Rest In Peace Brothers. The bells are silent for you tonight.

  • mikethecarpenter

    let them be sacred.

  • robert

    atomic: and you set such a great example for your own country. it's the them vs us attitude you display that cause all that unnecessary death in the first place.

    don't be propagatin'

  • Pancho

    Dude, although I sort of agree with you on some occasions, now is not the time nor the place. Have some fucking respect…

  • HowCleverAtomic

    Well, I guess that's our first generic anti-America comment of the day…..Coming Soon: Generic "911 was a hoax – fight the Illuminati-Lizard People world government" comment of the day!

  • OneClownShoe


  • OneClownShoe

    You are really just a tiny, tiny person.

  • Hotdog Neck

    I have been watching the crap out of Rescue Me lately.

  • Michael

    I know what I'm about to write is extremely inappropriate, but #14 – facepalm anyone?

    • Beau

      The most appropriately epic yet devastating facepalm ever. May we never have to facepalm in such a way ever again.

      • fuzzybeard2016

        Amen. [bowing head in respect for all Firefighters.] Think of it this way: Almost every person, upon seeing a burning building stay well clear of it. Firefighters, OTOH, run *INTO* the burning building. IMO, Firefighters are probably the closest thing we will ever have to superheroes.

        • Serinanth


  • Robin

    September the 11th a date that will be remembered forever, but in time the names of those brave men and women who gave there lives to help save others on that day will be forgotten by those who were not involved. May they rest in peace and be remembered so those that live can continue to fight for what they held so dear.

  • Kyle

    Respice post te, mortalem te esse memento… Godspeed to the FDNY that did their jobs that day.

  • lulu


    p.s. the world doesnt revolve around america…hhhhmmkay?

    • Don Narively

      No one asked for you to say something stupid, dumbass. Today is a day where everyone should pay their respects for the people who died and for the ones who responded.

    • Superduper

      This website is owned and read by American's mostly. We are entitled to take a day to honor our heroes.

      • lulu

        They were just doing the job they were paid to do.

        Its not like they joined the FD knowing they would be 100% safe

        • Jerry

          It is heroes who knowingly go where others will not, disregarding their own safety in order to save others. "Just doing their jobs" in this case goes above and beyond what many others do in THEIR jobs.
          For firefighters, as well as military members (who also join knowing they will not be 100% safe), their desire is to serve others and their country at risk to themselves.

          • lulu

            sweet. so you agree with me then.
            they arent heroes right.

            • Libertariandude

              OK, as a non American who doesn't live in the States, I should say: lulu, you are a disgusting, hate-spreading, Chavez-sucking dirtbag. Just another example of the typical I-hate-America-just-because dickweed. Nobody cares about 9-11 but Americans?? Fuck off, troll; I care, millions of compassionate, freedom loving people, throughout the world care. Seriously, fuck off.

              • lulu

                Jesus loves you my child

                • Educate yourself

                  Aaahhhhhh. Now it makes since. Your a religious nut. Can't you think for yourself? I can't believe how many people need to be told what morals they should live by. THINK FOR YOURSELF PEOPLE!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!! It's not that hard. Our future depends on it. It's the people like you that blindly believe what they're told that we in this world could do without. It's called a brain and you should use it.

                  • lulu

                    Jesus doesnt love you… He's gonna dry hump you in the ass.

                    Oh… and fuck Jesus!

                    (p.s. Not religious)

                    • brennan mcdonald

                      your momma must be proud ~

    • Polar Bear

      First, Rest in Peace to all those lost 9 years ago.

      I love how people hate the United States….until there is a disaster in their country then they all cry that the United States didn't get there quick enough to help them out. Even though the US usually sends the most aid.

      Oh, and PS Lulu: I have travelled the World and the two countries most people want to move to are Canada or our neighbour to the south USA.

    • Sorean

      I hope you find my foot up you a*s boring as well. Have some respect or go offline. This was a tragic day for most people around the world. Its the day the world changed.

      • lulu

        nah…. it changed america… thats not the world.

        September 11 is the ultimate trollbait… thank you for your reactions

        • 100window

          So the terrorism that then spread and happened in Madrid and London isn't part of the rest of the world? And the iraq and afghanistan wars are part of America as well?

        • Polar Bear

          Actually LuLu, it did change the world. Have you travelled by air in the last 9 years?

          It has greatly effected cross border shopping between the US and Canada forcing the closure of some Canadian businesses.

          Have you travelled in Europe? Heathrow airport has changed dramatically as have most European airports. But you can just go on being an American basher, but just remember if it wasn't for the UK, the USA and Canada we's all be speaking German!

          You are just an ignorant uneducated troll and if you are here who is collecting the tolls at the bridge?

    • Southern

      so next time something terrible happens to your country you will have ZERO sympathy from Americans HMMMMMM KAYYYY …. stupid bitch…..

      • lulu

        oh noes!
        no sympathy!
        how will we ever make it through!

    • Kent

      It's funny because the world kind of does revolve around America.

      The news in every single country in the world almost is obsessed with the 9/11 anniversary and the Mosque controversy. During this time there have been 3 terrorist attacks which still didn't bump the crazy Floridian pastor off the front page news all over the world.

      And here you are, on an American website, saying we don't have the right to talk about 9/11.

      • lulu

        no no… you have the right.
        just shut the fuck up about 9/11… only america cares, and even then, 90% dont really give a shit, you're all just on the bangwagon.

        now go an burn some more Quran's…

        • k.g.

          Hi lulu, may you burn in hell and have people of the world spit wherever your shitty unmarked grave ends up. You are truly a piece of shit for saying nobody cares about 9/11/01 because it impacted so many lives and is an enormous tragedy. To think that such an ignorant sack of shit like you could ever so such intolerance for a time of mourning is astounding. The fact you are trolling to increase the size of your "cyber dick" means you are such a little fucking person. Get a hummer if you want to feel bigger, maybe that way only Al Gore is riding your bitch ass…

          • lulu

            Huh… Al Gore.

            WTF are you on about?

    • DarkLord


    • Anonynomnom

      Ya'll got trolled hard. Never feed the trolls.

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  • Bandeapart

    Hell even if you hate the U.S there is no way that you can contest the fact that the FDNY acted as heroes that day, risked and gave their lives in the face of impossible odds in a worst case scenario. There are no words for the amount of respect that I have for these brave souls, rest in peace.

  • Ed103

    It's been nine long years since then, and those pictures are still incredibly moving. We shouldn't forget that many of those men spent weeks in the rubble afterwards looking for survivors, and will forever bear the physical and psychological scars. They are heroes and those black and yellow FDNY jackets will always be legendary.

  • Cudaman

    This terror attack is the Pearl Harbor of our generation. Please let it be a reminder that these terrorists will never fight face to face. They are cowards, who hide behind masks like common thieves.

  • KC123456

    Terrorism is the war of the poor………
    War is the Terrorism of the rich…………

    Sam thing…..different name!

  • One Shot, One Kill

    #4~ "He ain't heavy…He's My BROTHER." God Bless FDNY!!!

  • Serinanth

    Rest in peace my brothers and sisters. Thank you for all those that were saved.

  • johnny rotten

    so sad. god dam american government

  • Elry

    This guys are the real super Heroes of our modern times.

  • Penelope

    So Sad.

    Rest in peace.

  • saltygary

    Now these guys are dying and the republicans blocked health coverage to them last month. They were the heroes and now they are losing their houses because they cant pay their cancer bills. Easy to invoke 911 in a speech but hard to help those that were in the front lines. Instead of protesting about the stupid mosque folks should protest to get these guys some help.

  • jEDROL

    900 of them are dead already. The rest is fighting with cancer and other diseases. They are true heroes, but they are completely forgotten/ignored by the US government. 9/11 was an inside job, no doubt about it.

    • Kev C

      Conspriacy theorists are worms.

      • Dan

        Please, another ignorant american, please for 1 minute sit down and look @ the hard facts.

        P.s i like america, but it is FAR FAr from the greatest country on earth.

  • Aussie

    Im an aussie, but these guys are the real heros of the world. Lest we forget.

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