Firefighters of 911 (25 Photos)

  • Ron

    First off, let me say that it is sad that so many innocent people had to lose their lives on 9/11. I do not agree with what the terrorists did BUT I can see why they did it. The World Trade Center was the epitome of the corporate greed of America. Taking it down was a major accomplishment for the terrorists to strike at the center of the corporate greed.

    I want to ask the people of America, how is waging a war against Iraq not considered terrorism? How many innocent lives have been lost in Iraq? A LOT more innocent Iraqis have been killed at the hands of the US than Americans on 9/11. Osama Bin Laden was the mastermind of 9/11 not Saddam Hussein. Iraq also was found to have NO WMDs, yet the US forgot about Osama and invaded Iraq. Why? Likely because Bush Jr was trying to finish what Bush Sr started. I feel for the families of soldiers that got killed in Iraq but they got killed needlessly. The people of the US should have protested the war against Iraq. The US had no right invading Iraq but they did anyway. Saddam Hussein is dead but Osama still runs free. The war is also a major part of the reason why the American economy has tanked. You can't spend $3 trillion dollars and not expect the economy to suffer.

    There is a lot of anti-American sentiment around the world, because of the Iraq wars, corporate greed, etc. That is why when a lot of Americans travel around the world, they put a Canadian flag on their luggage.

    • Kent

      "That is why when a lot of Americans travel around the world, they put a Canadian flag on their luggage. "

      Myth. You know this myth started because nobody in the world knows anything about Canada? When they saw Canadians (who LOVE to put Maple Leafs on everything), who talked like and looked like Americans, they thought they were Americans wearing Canadian flags. They weren't.

      Canadians are so pathetic for perpetuating this myth. Americans do not wear Canadian flags when they travel.

      • Ron

        You are wrong. I have heard it first hand from Americans. Americans get treated worse than Canadians when traveling abroad so they put Canadian flags on their luggage.

    • Nameless

      Ron… eat shit. Go short stroke some place else.


      An Iraq Veteran.

  • lulu



  • mar

    i hate cocksuckers who run their mouths about my beautiful country. pieces of shit. get off the computer and go use your american made/copied products while watching old american reruns on the tv. have fun with last years american fashion trends. fucking losers. they dont even realize. thats what kills me. this country is the greatest. ever. do not use, watch, eat, look at, wear anything that is american or strives to be american. if you do that, youll be in a fucking cave sitting in mud. fucking faggot. oh, and dont use any of the small freedoms that your fag ass countries have won because who stepped in and helped motherfuckers? who? this country bitch. whatever country the assholes are from posting on here, this post serves. because there is NO COUNTRY that has not had/begged for the intercession of the US. none. so you can hate us all you want. we all know the truth dont we? and there it is, the reason for the hate. jealousy plain and simple. go to your weird fucked up version of mcdonalds and giggle because you get to have a soda like the big kids on the tv shows you watch!

    • Ron

      Typical American who thinks the world revolves around the US of A. Wake up call, the world does not revolve around the US! It is not even close to being the greatest country ever. As far as fashion trends, ever hear of Paris, Milan and other fashion forward locales? That is where the trends come from. American made? Most items are made cheaper in China/Taiwan/wherever labour is cheapest. Items from The Gap, an "American" clothing company are all manufactured in China/Taiwan/Bangladesh, etc. Wal-mart and Target are the same. Quite a few of your precious US shows are taken from UK shows. A few of them are: American Idol, America's Got Talent, The Office, Three's Company, All In The Family, etc. I could go on but it's a very long list.

      The computer I am using, most components came from other countries (mainly Taiwan and China).

      If it weren't for Canadian inventors, USA would not have: Insulin, telephones, television, zippers, plexiglas, pacemakers, basketball, frozen food, BlackBerrys, odometers, Robertson screws, alkaline batteries, light bulbs, etc. The list goes on.

      So before you go on saying how great America is (funny thing is, you are so proud yet never capitalize America – I do and I'm not American), remember that a lot of technology you take for granted was not invented by an American, a lot of shows you consider American have been copied from another country's shows and most products aren't made in the USA.

      Yes, we all know the truth. $3 trillion war deficit for an unnecessary war, economy tanked, bailouts for automakers and banks, corporate greed. Why would other countries be jealous of that? The scary thing is, a lot of Americans don't realize and have no clue of anything outside of their own country. Get educated.

      • Dan

        +1 Ron, I think america is cool, but why would i want to live in a country where the goverment is run by corporations, your presidents are basically criminals, you fight wars and kill people for profit, you have one of the worst education systems of the modern world, you have THE worst medical system in the modern world.

        Lol a country thats accepts for the most part the murder of thousands of its civillians then blames it on 'terrorists'.. your government are the terrorists my freind.

        Please dont be ignorant, look at some facts.

  • Anthony

    To all the Firefighters, Police and other brave souls who gave the ultimate sacrifice, may you Rest in Peace.

    And to all the Americans on here, I know we have our differences, but your brothers and sisters to the North will always stand with you. God Bless Canada and God Bless the United States of America!

  • Indian from India

    Respect our INFIDEL MARTYRS!!!!
    Terrorists phuckers we'll keep coming for you!!!!

  • Nameless

    So in summary: Blah, blah, blah, I'm a fucking moron. Did I get that about right?

    • Ron

      Well, if this is your only reply to my attempt to have an intelligent conversation with you, then yes. I've laid out the facts that most of the rest of the world know of the war but Americans seem to dismiss. Americans cry that so many people lost their lives in 9/11 but they don't give a thought to how many more innocent Iraqis have died in an unnecessary war. 9/11 was a tragic event and I don't agree with what the terrorists did BUT there has been much more innocent civilian bloodshed at the hands of American soldiers in Iraq. That I disagree with even more. George W. Bush and American soldiers have turned into the terrorists. Give me reason to not think of you as a moron.

      • lulu

        Wall of Text Above.

        QQ Ron

      • Nameless

        I really don't care what the fuck you think and that's the point. I grew tired long ago of fucksticks such as yourself who go on about the war as if they know something about it. You who likely never have left a 500 mile radius from where you were born. You political jerkoffs will use anything as lubrication for your mental masturbation and if it wasn't Iraq, it would be something else. You go on and on about shit you know nothing of aside from shit you've read on the internet and shit you've heard from within your circle of jerkoff friends who also know absolute dick about anything going on outside of the small stagnant circles they swim in. Repeatedly beating the same fucking horses to death as your brain cuts and pastes platitudes onto your tongue so that you can share those little morsels of shit with the world at large. I have seen much horror, death and sadness in this world that when someone talks about it like they know anything about it and they try and use it as a prop to make some bullshit political point, I maybe get a little annoyed because it's much more real to someone like me than it will ever be to someone like you.

        • Nameless

          So in short, my response is: blah, blah, blah, you are a fucking mental midget and I'm tired of your kind.

          • Ron

            I never professed to know anything about a soldier's life. I understand that it would be extremely hard to see the horror, death and sadness of war. I admit that I would not be able to do it. But I do know about the politics of the Iraq war. I keep myself well versed in the subject (along with many other subjects). You needlessly went to Iraq. You risked your life for nothing. The war is ending and Osama Bin Laden, the 9/11 mastermind, is still running free. So much for the war on terror. In addition to my previous comments, Bush has not only committed terrorism abroad but at home as well. Invoking terrorist paranoia in US civilians, passing a law that makes it ok to detain anyone for possible suspicion of terrorism without even having valid proof. On another government related note, every year there supposedly is a new supervirus that threatens to eradicate a lot of the population but turns out to be less fatal than the normal flu virus. Swine flu, bird flu, SARS, West Nile virus, etc. Don't fool yourself that the government doesn't have anything to do with this. The government has much to gain from these hoax "epidemics" and distribution of vaccines. Bush has been striking fear, paranoia and terror into the general US public for years, and that is terrorism.

            Your first sentence describes the stereotypical American way of thinking. Just because you were IN the war doesn't mean you know everything about it. I am not purporting to know everything about it but from what you have shown to me, I know a lot more about the politics of it than you do. You are a very closed minded individual if you cannot see the facts of the unnecessary Iraq war. And you call me a "mental midget".

            • Lakonislate

              What does the government gain from hoax epidemics? You sound like a sensible person (at times), so maybe you can explain what makes that claim any more than a standard conspiracy theory?

              Also, I don't think taking thousands of lives and destroying several large buildings constitutes "striking at the center of corporate greed". That's like fighting pollution by killing someone who owns a car.

              • Ron

                I could write paragraphs going into detail on how the government gains from these hoax epidemics. Just do a bit of research on the subject and you will find the answers. One major thing though is that Donald Rumsfeld was chairman of Gilead Sciences, the developer of Tamiflu. He gave up his position as chairman once he was named the Secretary of Defense BUT he kept his stocks in Gilead Sciences. So, any time there is a flu pandemic threat, the government pushes flu shots and Tamiflu and Rumsfeld makes a ton of money. Can anyone say conflict of interest? All Tamiflu supposedly does is reduce the amount of time that a person is sick, it doesn't even protect against any flu!

                Why do you think the government puts so much emphasis on getting the flu shot and trying to make it mandatory. Mandatory? Really? I'm sorry, but I'm not putting anything into my body that hasn't been properly tested. The swine flu vaccine was rushed and no one knows the long term effects of it.

                Also, the mass paranoia that these hoax epidemics create turns the public's attention away from other things and allows bills to get passed unnoticed, etc. An excellent read is The Shock Doctrine by Naomi Klein.

                Anyway, like I said, do a little research and it will all become clear.

                The World Trade Center was the epicenter of American corporate greed. Destroying it was a major victory for the terrorists and it sent shock waves throughout America. America was no longer the same as it was pre-9/11.

                • The Chick

                  "The World Trade Center was the epicenter of American corporate greed. Destroying it was a major victory for the terrorists and it sent shock waves throughout America. America was no longer the same as it was pre-9/11."

                  So you're saying here….that it's o.k. for these people to have murdered so many innocent people in the name of killing greed? America did not start this war.This war was brought to them. And no I'm sure not everything that was done in the name of retaliation was done correctly, but i think it accomplished a goal. Others like this group will think twice before killing innocents on American soil.

                  And now that I've said that, this post was not about the war. This post was to honor the people who helped save what few survivors could be pulled from this catastrophic disaster. Let's have just a shred of respect please.

                  • Ron

                    If you read my posts you would see that I never said that it's ok. As I said before, I don't agree with that the terrorists did but I can see why they did it. America did in fact start the war, back when Bush Sr was president and Bush Jr continued the war. Most of what was done by the US govt was not done correctly. There never was a valid reason to invade Iraq. The UN insisted that the US not engage in war, but the US bully did anyway. If you do some research, on the day of 9/11, Rumsfeld stated that this was an opportunity to invade Iraq. Why? Not because the terrorist threat was in Iraq. He knew the terrorist threat was Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda, based in Afghanistan. So why invade Iraq? To carry on where Bush Sr left off and try to gain control of foreign oil. Looking at the circumstances, it is entirely possible that 9/11 was an inside job, to give Rumsfeld, Bush and co. an excuse to invade Iraq. I'm not saying that it is true, but if you look at the whole picture, it's definitely not impossible.

                    So many American soldiers needlessly lost their lives fighting a politically charged war. There was no reason to start the war in the first place. Bin Laden, who should have been the US's main target is still running free. The war has failed. It did not accomplish anything. Terrorists do not fear the US. If anything, the war likely fuels their hatred for the US and gives them more reason to strike again.

                    In fact, this post indirectly is about the war. Because of 9/11, the war was started. I did try to turn the topic around back to the firefighters because I do respect what hey did on 9/11 but then Nameless went on an immature rant and I tried to explain the facts to him, but apparently he's too closed minded to see them. If anyone isn't showing respect here it's Nameless, which is ironic since he supposedly is an Iraq veteran, I would think that he would show respect.

                  • Ron

                    One more question for you, do you think it's ok for the US military to go into Iraq and kill 96000-106000 innocent people? The number of people killed on 9/11 is a drop in the bucket in comparison. I don't agree with any of the killing but what the US has done in Iraq is FAR worse than what the terrorists did. The Bush administration and US soldiers have become the terrorists.

            • Nameless

              *wank* *wank* *wank* *wank *wank* See? There you go again. Give it a rest, you might chafe yourself.

              • Lakonislate

                Shut up Nameless. This is still a post about the firefighters of 9-11, and there is just no circumstance under which the comment "wank wank wank" would be anywhere near appropriate.

                • Namless

                  Apologies, I was merely paraphrasing Ron. I'm not the one on here masturbating political.

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