• Also Ross

    Don't care, she still cute.

  • top dog

    I'd bang the shit out of her. I know a few tricks to help her loose the extra weight…hipp action…lots of hipp action, push up's, she can bare back ride this horse, all good exercises.

    • HellHath NoFury

      I like how you spell 'hip' like 'hippo'.

  • Zoltar

    I agree on TAx and if she loos some pounds, she is a SUPER chick !!
    Send me her email plz !!

  • Bob

    I'd still!

  • Wil

    Ya know I think the internet should ad a clause that you cant talk SHIT about someone unless you post your OWN pic first.

    Think that would cut down on the hate…………. 😉

  • whooo

    patrick cudahy called, he wants his prized pig back

  • NinjaBob

    Come on y'all, look at the door underneath her right arm. This has been photo shopped to make her fatter.

  • LaighloniMisanthropy

    I think she looks just fine, She isnt obese, She is just chubby. Whats wrong with that? Seriously? Haha I dont understand why people hate on other people for the way their bodies look, there are anorexic skinny, skinny, medium, chubby, fat, and huge. lulz. How boring would it be if every one had the same exact body type?

    • HellHath NoFury

      She is obese. That is not pudge.

  • 100window

    She's shaped like a bowling pin

  • santa

    that's what they can call an iceberg.

  • equalizermax

    I've seen this picture a million times in different site… chive your way behind again…

  • killaakate

    this is known as a SIF

    • jimbo

      The wife of Thor, God of Thunder?

  • David Miller

    once dated a girl like #1 till she turned into #2

  • Dan

    oh people please, she is stunning

  • Chivemaster

    She'd be hot if she lost 60lbs.

  • Ejigantor

    she's not bad looking, and she's not that heavy either, really. Shame about the nose ring- total turn off.


    So young and already has her own zip code.

  • youminxia

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  • Tennessee Budd

    I knew it wouldn't be sexy when I saw the face. Metal boogers are never sexy.

  • sanji

    she should work out, instead of cropping those pics.. wasted cute face.

  • Dan

    GAH! Holy Shit!

  • TboneD

    Say what you want about her weight. But you have to admit she has a pretty face.

  • George Danger Cruz

    the sad thing is, ive personally seen worse… she at least is pretty in the face. and thats more than most people can say. but all in all yeah… its a trap… remember people are 30% fatter without clothes.

  • Jade

    You guys are disgusting. Thinking that overweight girls are easy and calling her ugly. She isn't ugly and she's a lot more real than half of your people that are posting on here. I bet most of you can't get a date because you're a bunch of immature jerks. Seriously, maybe if you'd grow a brain and realize that sometimes the bigger girls are the ones that are more loving and fun than the skinny ones, maybe then you guys would get a girlfriend.

    Also: I've probably screwed more HOT girls than most of you have AND I'm a girl AND I have a serious boyfriend.

  • Adam

    i call photoshop bull$#!7. her face is too skinny to be on that bloated body. theres no fat neck which would almost be a definite with the way her arms and fingers are. what do you guys think?

    • jmc

      it's a photoshop. check out the door.

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