Jessica Simpson looks different. Would you still? (9 Photos)

Jess was the guest host on 'Project Runway' last Thursday...


  • dayton

    rule #1 of becoming a celebrity – don't be fat

    • SreyaNotfilc

      rule #2 of becoming a celebrity – if you are fat, at least be hilarious (or a talkshow host)

    • D.Sharp

      Inside every thin celebrity there's a fat girl just waiting to come out…

  • leaveheralone

    Still a beautiful girl!

    • lop

      yeah but without a brain

    • passivemenis

      So you're saying you still would?

  • platdon

    once upon a time tho, man.

  • Oscar Cornejo

    just… whats the bad news???
    Im not a fan but kinda interested in the bad news xD



  • freakazoid

    i'd do her

  • DeMonikk1

    In a heartbeat……and I blame Tony Romo…that bastard.

    • MIAMI

      You mean…TONY ROMA'S ?

  • Jaymizz

    I'd still fumble those funbags like Tony Romo on a football 🙂

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  • Rusty

    Too bad she's such a retard, but yeah, I'd still hit it. If you could put my wife's brain in that body … mmmmmm.

  • Anonymous


  • 'Merica

    Im sure there is a good reason Romo left the girl.

    • top dog

      dallas got that ass kicked!!!

  • bear

    WOW TONY ROMO…. i guess everything is bigger in texas!

  • chrisdg74

    Yeah, i still would. I just wanna see what the "girls" look like unleashed.

  • jackie treehorn

    Nothing a little cocaine can't fix. She'll get there.

    Drives me nuts how celebs like her and Jennifer Love Hewitt talk about how "comfortable they are in their own skin" until they get skinny again…and then its right back on a magazine cover…"Jessica's smokin new beach bod" or some other nonsense.

    • HellHath NoFury


  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Regis, I'll take "I'd still hit it" Final answer……

  • Merovingian

    I wouldn't have done her when she was thin… Now she looks like a tubby mental challenged kid

    • Dave

      Same here friend. I have never liker her or found her attractive.

      • Psarae

        I also agree.

  • man man

    Since when is it a bad thing for a woman to have some curves?

    I'd be down, 100%.

    • Tagu

      Agreed, but there's a difference between curves and rolls

  • jackie treehorn

    #5…..epic derp.

  • tommybhoy

    Absolutely would still "hit that"…..and heidi klum

  • workin_donkey

    thick or thin, the girl never had a brain in that head of hers. that said, she does look 'tons o' fun'. you see what I did there?

  • Justin Hall

    To be fair, it's somewhat hard to tell under her blouse.

    Check out the definition on her legs; you usually can't see tone like that on big girls. If anything these pictures possibly show someone in amazing shape AND huge boobs. I looked that up, and that's filed under "FTW"To be fair, it's somewhat hard to tell under her blouse.____Check out the definition on her legs

    • dece

      agreed. the clothing in this picture set has to be one of the worst to make a judgement call around.

      • Mr Wesley

        Double agreed. That dress has no sleeves–they go directly into the waistline, so she has no figure whatsoever.

        She may have put a few back on, but she's gotta be in her early 30s now, right? Give the woman a break.

  • Tony

    how come you grammar so good?

  • Chaim

    I wish more would gain a little weight.

  • FapperX

    Gotta see what the trunk looks like. If she's got junk in it I'd hit it in a heartbeat.

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