MySpace still exists. This is what I found. I’m off to get tested (33 Photos)

  • Nix

    You may want to rethink #20….that's a man!

  • naked

    #3 FTW!!!

  • Squidr

    17. Oh My!

  • DaddyD

    A couple of skanks … well. maybe more than a couple … but also some excellent talent.

  • Joe Kroger

    #3, I totally love you!

  • chance

    # 8 is a man for sure.

  • equalizermax

    I want #3 for my Birthday!

  • Merovingian

    #3 can marry me, and get on my will if she's a nymph..

  • top dog

    Mybook, Face Space, or Space Book, My Face, all the same to me. Tits are tits man, as long as she got em.

  • timmay

    BTW, 3 and 23 get the wow factor from me…. 20 is a dude…

  • Dingo

    i think i have HIV now…

  • ROR

    #'s 14,17,23, and 30, totally worth the penecillin shot

    • Ballzonya

      I don't know about 30, but the others have been touched up just a bit. In real life they probably look like 10 or 18. amirite?

  • kgh

    #12 i'm alive

  • stuntcock

    Yup, and I'm sure each one sends the same message on myspace:

    "hey cutie!! Myspace won't let me put my sexy pics on here. Go to http://www.i' to view them"

  • yellow discharge

    18 gave my balls pink eye.

  • Jason

    WTF is #22 doing in this group?

    • its_forge

      #22 is the obligatory only picture they actually got from a MySpace user that isn't a front for some skank porn site with a splash page in pinks and magentas and giant pictures of women with nasty goo on their faces.

  • thetech2

    baaaahahahahaha man you can see alll this down at the local pig roast although some of these are not bad some are just ummm well bad

  • markkens

    Chiving the trailer park again? Must be a slow news day.

  • nouu

    no need to get tested for aids john, we already know you have that.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    28, reverse cowgirl…you're doin it wrong….

  • Zellmerfudd

    Tess Taylolr = Smokin' hot druggie skank…


    Please moar # 3! Wow

  • beef

    #20 is a man

  • Sean

    17, dumb bitch put it on backwards.

    • its_forge

      She only put it on for a lark, she was probably going without a top the whole day and saw this one on a friend's towel and said "LOL let me see how I look in that." Her tan lines don't line up and the straps are all twisted, no way a girlie would go around like that on purpose.

  • northerner

    #6, oh my. Broke out in a sweat at that one. So lovely, so shapely a bum.

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