Photoshop brings out the Phunny in all nerds (18 photos)

  • pingpong

    #2, yep. That's pretty much what he's doing.

  • ATF

    16- Can we find her..? Oh, wait…

  • king

    3 ftw

  • yellow discharge

    Vitruvian man found himself a HPOA.

  • ppl r fkt

    Ironic that the person who produced that probably votes Republican–the party that actually HAS undermined the constitution (unlike Obama who has not).

  • Dork

    #12 more scary than funny

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    7, Wisconsin you so sneaky….

  • Yasir_Khan

    #7 what?

    • RiHugh

      They shopped a black kids picture into an all white crowd for the cover of their undergrad schedule. See how diverse they are?

      • Yasir_Khan

        oh! thanx.

  • dafw

    Whoever made #2 was apparently asleep from 2000-2008.

    • stafferty

      Not asleep, they just spent it watching Fox News

      • Ron

        So yeah, pretty much asleep

        • dece

          ups for everyone! good job sharing my views.

  • stafferty

    Seriously, can we keep politics out of the chive? If i want to hear this pointless back and forth, I can go to ANY OTHER WEBSITE!!!

    -This is the way the government really works (partially taken from Lewis Black)
    Democrat: I have a shitty idea!!!
    Republican: I can take out everything in that bill that will be usefull and leave all the things that will continue to destroy the country!!!
    Democrat: Lobbyist money for everyone!!!
    Republican Hooray!!!

  • Spiderpig615

    Well 16 was disturbing….

  • mattscradle

    Not bad, skilled shopped user

  • Mike

    #16 made my day. LAWL!!!!

  • RiHugh

    I wasn't aware that the Bill of Rights had changed. Care to enlighten us pingpong? I'm interested in all the changes President Obama has made to this document.

    O silly me, you were just having a Pavlovian response to a picture you didn't understand.

    Commence flailing and ranting in 3..2..1..

    • ssss9999

      Thank you, RiHugh!

    • its_forge

      Yeah for the love of GOD I am still waiting to hear how Obama or ANY DEMOCRAT EVER IN THE HISTORY OF TIME has EVER tried to abridge the Second Amendment whatsoever. And no, meaningless laws that say "you can't own this particular kind of pretend assault rifle that only guys with penis issues buy anyway" doesn't f***ing count. Anyone standing at a lectern and saying anything about doing anything to the right to gun ownership may as well just eat a bullet themselves, in this country, and you jagoffs on the far right know that and so does every politician ever elected so for the love of GOD SHUT UP ABOUT THE SECOND AMENDMENT.

  • Ben

    @ #1. I guess they all DO look alike

  • Brandon

    One picture of Asians = "Funny photoshopped asian photos"?

  • nathan

    I only get to thumb you up once pingpong 😦 most of these resposnses show just how blind people are 😦 sad sad sad

    • its_forge

      Yeah unlike when you go to Breitbart's site you can log in as a bunch of different people and click on "Obamr iz un azhol y/n" as many times as you like, right?

  • Dave

    #10 is an improvement, if you ask me.

  • coocoocuchoo

    ATTENTION AMERICAN'S ammendments happen! social norms and practises change over time! e.g. in the UK we're no longer allowed to set fire to people we suspect are witches, cus its just not tolerated anymore. i dont get why you fear change so much, those 'rights' where written a long time ago in a very different America, some of them have to change. maybe start with not allowing absolute retards to own firearms and maybe the 11,000 fatal shootings per year will begin to fall.

    • Anonymous

      You tricky brits, that’s just what you want. No more guns in the US, so you can sail on back and tax my tea! That’s B.S.!

    • Shane

      Well at least he pissed away nearly a trillion dollars with absolutely nothing to show for it! It's OK, in November, when the filthy liberals lose both majorities, things wont be so easy for Barry.

      • its_forge

        That makes him a complete piker compared to Reagan and the two Bushes y'know. Hell the Strategic Defense Initiative ran for thirty years and cost us at least 3 trillion dollars, to say nothing of what it cost diplomatically, and it produced ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. This is utterly aside from the two wars we're still fighting that will in the end have cost us another 3 trillion dollars, and just the Bush tax cuts alone cost us close to another trillion every 10 years if they don't get gotten rid of. And the momentum of thirty years of Trickle Down couldn't possibly have anything to do with what Obama's government has to spend to basically keep us from becoming Liberia in the next 15 years. Naw, couldn't.

    • its_forge

      As Fat Idiot Number Sixteen er, I mean Michael Moore pointed out, Canada has no restrictions on firearm ownership and like a few percent of our per-capita firearm deaths. Why exactly? Canadians are just nicer?

      • wink

        there are no black people in Canada. Well, maybe one. And they're watching him. Closely.

  • Alp

    you had to go and ruin a perfectly good, im assuming, hot girl pic with that?

  • isawoj


  • Screwdriver

    #16 just made me throw up…..

  • @100window

    These are shopped, I can tell etc. etc. etc.

  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    i don't think i'll be able to sleep after seeing #16.

  • Nicnac

    #2 now show us Dubya. Locking up reporters, giving out names of CIA operatives families, starting wars on false pretenses, ruining the world's economies… that should be a good start for you.

    • its_forge

      Picture of Bush crossing out not just every amendment BUT the second, but also crossing out the text of the entire rest of the Constitution, crapping on it and setting it on fire.

      • its_forge

        And laughing about it, and then laughing at us for getting pissed at him for doing it.

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