Photoshop brings out the Phunny in all nerds (18 photos)

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  • Nicnac

    #2 now show us Dubya. Locking up reporters, giving out names of CIA operatives families, starting wars on false pretenses, ruining the world's economies… that should be a good start for you.

    • its_forge

      Picture of Bush crossing out not just every amendment BUT the second, but also crossing out the text of the entire rest of the Constitution, crapping on it and setting it on fire.

      • its_forge

        And laughing about it, and then laughing at us for getting pissed at him for doing it.

  • Jovasaurus Rex

    #16 will hunt my dreams forever…

  • elbruces

    The Bill of Rights doesn't have articles.

  • Anonymous

    Who’s body is Beiber’s head on !

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