Anybody else think freckles are awesome? (29 Photos)

  • pimp

    came in my pants

  • Pat

    Chive, "Just say No" to Duckface… Thanks,

  • Rick

    can you say…….jail bait????

  • Ballzonya

    I might know #27…Holly?

    • Jason Brinton

      Personally, I think 27 is the best of the bunch. If you know her, good for you.

  • Gutterville

    22,25 and 29 I'll take you can have the rest

    why does # 9 look like jail bait

  • Florian

    Hottest post ever! Thanks guys!

  • Maynard B

    #5, #6, #15…..oh hell, I'd do all of them. Perhaps playing connect the dots with your tongue.

  • ryg

    No Evangeline Lilly? Shame

  • jeff

    #8… i love you

  • floscar

    let's just say, freckles CAN be sexy, not such a bold statement like "Freckles ARE sexy" period.

  • sac

    #3….is that Axl Rose?

  • mattythegooch

    For the love of Jah…….who is #29??

    • DDF

      # 29 is Gabriella Grecco, she is a student and a model from Brazil, I've studied with her a few years ago.

  • j12goose

    I'll have an order of #23 with #16 on top…….

  • your mom

    am I the only one who see something between the left ,index and middle finger of number 12? What is that?!

  • Kawz

    Numbers 20, 23, and 29 may stay. As for the rest, I'll see you tonight in my nightmares.

  • RgC

    #17 is gonna be a show stopper when older

    • its_forge

      She looks like Lauren Holly Junior Junior. Which is good 'cuz Lauren Holly is gorgeous.

  • Gandalf..


    • Ballzonya

      Why is everyone in love with #29? Besides for Ms. Shitscreen up there at #3 she was the least attractive to me.

  • wyatt22

    You posted number 14 before. I was in awe of her then, and still am! Who is she!?

  • 1C451

    #25 Annie Wersching. Hottest chick Jack Bauer ever had….to work with

  • BigDave

    Too many Jail-Baiters in this post. Y is the Chive trying to make me a felon?

  • NPS

    How do I get in touch with #26, I just fell in love!

  • gorayfle

    #1 and #29 is Gabriella Greco, the embodiment of heaven on earth

    • John

      I can't find many pics of her.. Any help?

  • Jason Brinton

    Made a list, and #27 wins for me.

  • Pshhh

    Number 3 just looks dirty…

  • Kyle

    Is it just me, or did anyone else find #15 super sexy?

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