Anybody else think freckles are awesome? (29 Photos)

  • Tony

    I love #20 – gorgeous

  • its_forge

    14 reminds me of a girlfriend I had about 243245762 years ago; she had that same look on her face a lot of the time and that look meant "why yes, I am going to f**k you until you are dead."

  • lomi

    #28 please be my wife!

  • hasken

    #10 please

  • tylernute

    Who is #28 I must know. More pictures please.

  • bubblerider86

    as a fellow freckled female i have to say ….I SUPPORT FRECKLES!!!!

  • vegasruel

    I feel dirty…waaaayyyy to young (most of them).

  • @100window

    I duno why but 6 is definitely my favourite

  • Uhhhh27

    Wow, I'll take the whole list.

  • DDF gift 4 ya

  • Libertariandude

    12, 16, 25, 29… MOAR

  • George Bush

    yes. kind of really fucking awesome. good lord, man.

  • jeff

    Send my marriage proposal to numbers 14 and 20, thanks

  • GoodEats

    By the gods. I believe you have just made my day. WHO IS #10, #15, #23? I think they are all the same girl.
    Practically every other girl on this list is incredibly hot, so hot that I missed the hated duckface until I read a comment!

  • Tim

    who is #29?

  • Pinchy

    Thank you Chive


    20 and 29…very nice!!

  • Anonymous

    The last picture who is that girl!?

  • susej

    I was going to go outside today, but now it seems as if there are more important matters at hand.

  • dontruinthegene

    29 is one of the best i have seen on her in a while…. might be a bit biasd here. inlove with a ginger and always will be

  • Leo

    Can i have the # 16 please?

  • Anonymous

    fantastic collection, can we get some names on these ladies for further research?

  • Chris

    Smart Man + Smart Woman = Romance

    Dumb Man + Smart Woman = Marriage

    Smart Man + Dumb Woman = Affair

    Dumb Man + Dumb Woman = Pregnancy

    So having kids and being married is somehow wrong and stupid? What kind of senseless logic is that? Sounds like something a sixteen year old kid would post.

  • Anon

    Do you muther fuckers ever stop stealin from 4chan? SERIOUSLY!!!

  • O.O

    Think I just fell in love 29 different times

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