Anybody else think freckles are awesome? (29 Photos)

  • aaa

    anyone know who #17 is?

  • aaa

    sorry, I meant anyone know who #16 is?

  • ghjkl

    Annie Wersching #25 well done Chive!

  • huskerzfan4life

    MMMMMMMM I wanna count all those freckles ladies! Who's first???

  • scooterpgh

    i think #25 is smokin hot

  • MMAN87

    I am NUTS about #16, 23 and 28…if i see any of those girls walking down the street today, resistance is futile my friends! :p

  • Coolioolio

    Could you please give us a name for #23?
    I'd like to begin stalking her as soon as possible.

  • God help me...

    Find 20 please, 23 if you have the time…

  • Train2k

    #25 Annie Wersching/Renee from "24" is gorgeous. #15 Perfect for a rousing game of "Connect the Dots with My Tongue".

  • Grifffy

    #16 ? I see no Freckles. She has one freckle on her left boob. That is all.

  • jay

    find 25 & 29!!

  • David

    #22 is probably the hottest girl I have ever seen

  • Tony Protheroe


  • MooseMoose

    So very much beauty, yes freckles are awesome

  • gtr

    #4 #9 #20
    yes please

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  • http://sexywithfreckles kirsten

    I’m #25

  • geboo

    i wanna marry a freckles girl … any one 😀

  • http://sexywithfreckles kirsten

    I’m # 24 what am I just not sexy enough?

  • machoman19

    she looks hot enough that I wouldn't mind licking your so called shit off of her sexy looking body

  • Gun_guy

    #18 Dear Lord, find her!

  • Lauren

    Going by the pictures, I'd say you're more into breasts than freckles. Just saying.

  • Always Last


  • Bobrreddigot

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