Owned in action (11 Gifs)

Please be patient as this very heavy gallery loads, trust me, it's worth it. -thanks!

  • Brad

    You should see the entire segment in #4. It's jaw-dropping!

    • equalizermax

      What's the story about #4?

      • coocoocuchoo

        two wierd fat girls on the X factor had an argument on stage infront of about 3000 ppl, and they fell out with eachother so one of them punched the other, watch the full clip on youtube its bezerk

        • petwookiee

          "I'm Abby, and I'm Lisa, and together we're Ablisa" 🙂

        • Brad

          Here's the link:

  • chrisdg74

    Saw #2 on the news(it's from The Amazing Race I believe) over the weekend. EPIC pwnage.

  • chrisdg74

    12 – Silly bedpost. Get down from there. You're not even a stripper pole.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000397806697 Daniel Clark

    What is number 3 from?

    • tyquan

      Penelope (starring Christina Ricci).
      But that specific scene is not in the film, maybe in the extras.

  • king

    fuck yeah gifs

  • andrea

    hahaha i sooooo did the same thing on my bed post, very similar bed

    • Skedaddle to Seattle

      Andrea- I have one with steel corner supports- wanna try again?

  • Trogdor

    NUMBER 3 :DD
    What movie is that from?

  • Mclovin' it

    These made my Wednesday. Thank you Chive!!

  • nathan

    is #4 on youtube anywhere? (the whole story ect.) what show is it from? anyone?

    • Mclovin' it

      i just watched it and it was HI-larious! look up "girl gets punched in face on the x factor"

  • Burch


  • MigraineBoy

    #12…I've seen balls of dust that are smarter than her…

  • zym

    If you haven't coughed so hard ripping bong hits that you puked a little….well, you just ain't trying.

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Great, Chris Hansen is now on his way over here after seeing number 11

    • chrisdg74

      Have a seat.
      What, what are you doing?
      According to your chat logs……
      BTW – you're free to go.

      • MiPo_TheGoaT

        Hopefully i won't get tasered as i run out…..

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  • hossmank

    #6, holy hell, that had to hurt!

    • zym

      If you're standing naked on top of a police car, you may not be feeling any actual pain.

  • top dog

    #1 Thats gotta be worse than getting hit in the face with a bag of nickels.

    #6: Naked guy : What the hell man?
    COP: Keep your drunk naked ass off my car!

    #8: I'am alright! see? I can walk away like nothing happened.

  • Ric

    #8 is nathan barnett hes great

    • Justin

      Keith Apicary FTW!

  • None Existent

    #3 is from a movie called "Penelope"

  • Jeff

    Number 3 is from a movie called Penelope, funny movie.

  • Mason

    ha ha ha #9 we've all been there. at least once.

    • Hez26

      was about to say the same thing….Youre doing it RIGHT!!

  • Hez26

    #8 smooooth operator


  • Bill

    #1 reminds me of the movie JFK. Jim Garrison saying how Kennedy's head goes "back and to the left". And then there is a bunch of brain matter.

  • Yowser

    When you see #2 at normal speed like that…. it must of hurt like a son of a bitch!

  • Carrot

    #2 BOOM! Headshot!

  • That guy

    #8 is Keith Apicary. I think he did that on purpose

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