The world’s smallest functional apartment (7 photos)

  • nonya


    • Yes You Are

      And yet, your penis is still only 2 inches long.

  • tommybhoy

    Just looks like an Ikea showhouse

  • H^S

    It doesn't look that small…. try a 50sqft. "2 bedroom" apartment in Manhattan, in which 4 people live.

    • H^S

      *That's 500sqft.

  • Jesse

    Qk, what is with the floor in #4 & 5?? What is that?

    • tommybhoy

      an escape slide? (would actually be awesome if true)

      Possibly a bath

      • Carl R. Evans

        I found myself hoping against hope that this was true. EPIC.

    • Scientific Chiver

      I would have to agree with tommybhoy, it looks like it's a bathtub.

  • stafferty

    You could bring a date home and have sex in three or four rooms at once.

  • Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

    Best. Fort. Ever.

    • BigT-ray

      I gave you a thumbs up because you look hot… Just sayin'

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Im guessing the wrench is for on the spot renovations

  • stafferty

    Yes, but your mother paid me well

  • biscuit

    My dorm is smaller than this

  • Rcjaos

    this is a pretty impressive use of space. There is actually two beds.

  • Torso

    This place is in Seattle. I work right by the building.The guy in the pics is the one who designed it. He works for Boeing designing interiors. The thing in the floor in pic 4&5 is a tub. From a local article about it.

    "The uber-cool, fully functional 182-square-foot home for two on the basement floor of a 102-year-old apartment building that Sauer is finishing after seven years of work.".

    Here is a link to the article.

    Enjoy the sauce.

  • jess

    really nice, would like yo build my own!

  • BigDingo

    what is this, an apartment for ants!?!?! How are the people supposed to live in it if they can't fit in the front doors?

    • natasha

      it encourages people to not just sit alone in their apartment watching tv and playing madden all week long! get out there and do stuff!!

    • Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

      You literally made me laugh at loud. This apartment needs to be at least…three times bigger

  • equalizermax

    One of the apartment in china?

  • Henry VIII

    Is that Pi? Sweet.

  • Anonymous

    first, where does he sleep?
    second, how is that bike just sitting up there there at that angle on the wall?!!

  • Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

    haha, yeah, you're right…I haven't soon Zoolander either, dick head.

  • Malacoda

    Yeah, open concept isn't so great when there is no door to the bathroom and someone is taking a dump while you're cooking….

    • Joel W

      Gives new meaning to cooking with gas.

  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    i think i've seen smaller apartments that probably didn't even cost as much. i used to work in a studio and these people turned their little recording space in to luxury suites.

  • luvs2splooge

    it looks like ikea came all over this place

  • nick

    how are you gonna run to another room when you rip a particularly bad one?

  • Mooky


    • jobeer

      its in a basement…

  • jobeer

    182 sq feet…

  • Berma

    The huge kitchen and bathroom don’t fit the rest. Props for watching Pi the movie though.

    • Unwavering

      As opposed to watching Pi the symbol?

  • Marty

    I've seen any number of apartments in New York City that are MUCH smaller than this.

    Maybe i'm limiting the definition of "functional", but this place seems a bit more than that.

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