Gamer’s get their own alphabet (15 Photos)

  • who dat?

    XYZ YA!

  • NTFW

    made by a nintendo fanboy obviously lol.

  • Nathaniel Patrick Fancypants

    That's the most heartwarming thing I've ever read.

  • Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

    It's nostalgic. Every letter I read made me smile

    • hypoluxa

      a little weak on the C . . . I would have liked to have seen the Commodore 64 make an apperarance . . . now that's nostalgic 😀

  • Beau Young

    Every child should learn this dictionary!

  • Captain Cool

    You could make loads of these, all be brilliant xD

  • femtrooper

    Where do I get one? Or ten, ten would better..

  • gyro

    I loved q-bert but Q is for Quake.

  • workin_donkey

    Nerds rool.

  • heyo


  • tyquan

    I effing loved that.

  • Rusty

    And pages with no corners … that's a semi-obscure bit of wonderful added geekiness. Love it!

  • No1Ass&DickLicker

    L is for lame

  • Surge

    Clever indeed!

  • Billy O'Hara

    Finally an alphabet book that doesn't cop out at X.

    • anonymoose

      At least they chose the right model. If it would have been current gen, the console would do the cop out for you.

  • Furthy

    Clever and fever do not rhyme.

    • Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

      how many alphabet rhymes have you written?

    • Event Horizon

      Actually, they do. Rhyming is not based on pronounciation, it's based on letter sound of all syllables except the first. Check a rhyming dictionary.

  • Adam S.

    S is for Spell-checker. Bitch.


    Hey you did the rhyme too! Looks like you're a poetic and you didn't even realize it. XD

    • Homesteader

      ….You mean I'm a poet and I don't know it???

      Or perhaps I know it and I decided to show it,

      Now for the Jury, HellHathNoFury…

    • Event Horizon

      I hope you realize that "clever" and "together" are not even close to rhyming by definition.

  • Gem

    I just came…

  • TedO

    C is for Contra, now and forever.

  • UrDumb

    The gamers alphabet and no mention of Playstation 1, 2, or 3? Who is this guy trying to fool?

    Fail Sir

  • somethings

    Sorry, but this post was sorta lame. I stopped looking at it mid-way through. And that's coming from someone who grew up around most of these references.

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  • fnaah

    Apostrophe fail.

    Once you know the difference between "A Gamer's Alphabet" and "Gamers get their own alphabet", you will win at apostrophes.

  • kit

    this was petty cool. despite rhyming errors in some

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