Hot Right Now: Lowbrow humor won’t expand your horizons, but it will make 10% happier (36 Photos)

Send us your pics and theCHIVE’ll guess how you lost your virginity (50 Pics. Session Closed!)

Hey Chivers,
You're bored off your ass at work right now so let's have a little fun. Get a photo of yourself (be creative), and send it to theCHIVE using our handy-dandy upload page or just use thechivesubmit [at] gmail [dot] com. Bob and I are standing by to field you emails and guess how you lost your virginity. So let's have some fun, get a movin'. Do it for your country.

UPDATE: *Session Closed* Thanks to all the Chivers for participating. We had a blast. Check back next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.

Chive On!
John n' Bob

  • Ace

    Virginity is best lost quickly so you can get on with getting better!

  • bowhuntpa

    37 HAS A BONER

    • Beau Young

      That's a boner? Hahahaha. Wait, I looked at his dick. *shame

  • Spaceno

    #33, wow! I would like to subscribe to your newsletter

  • John

    You're totally getting sued.

    • HellHath NoFury

      Do you ever have anything remotely intelligent to share?

  • berp willie

    absolutely hilarious!!!!!!!!

  • Orlandu

    Damn you chive… #42 cannot be unseen!

  • equalizermax

    I envy that dog…

  • justplaintravis

    #19 is an absolute knockout… I'm just in awe.

  • dusgpurespihg

    I'm pretty sure #35 is a her, not a he (boob shadow).

    • Lisa Martin

      That's what I was thinking…looks like it might have been a little cold out…lol!

      • dusgpurespihg

        I agree. She could cut glass with those.

  • MiPo1977

    45, Holy pill bottles Batman!!!

  • MigraineBoy

    #33…I love you!

  • Bud Ugly

    I'm not saying the other ladies aren't hot, but the girls of 30 and 33 are really hot.

  • Sauru

    holy shit #15 is hot

  • Phil

    #19 – what a bitch! lol

    a hot… hot bitch.

  • FapperX

    For HHNF, there's so much attention on the face or if she's a cheeseburger away of being linebacker size but my question is – "what's with the hair"?

    • Beau Young

      I think "attention deficit disorder" sums up your comment, sir. As FapperX, I imagine you've seen quite the volume of ladies to fap to.

    • HellHath NoFury

      I have Hermione hair, or as some call it, unadulterated, unstraightened, unsticky hair with a mean white streak from all you dang kids driving me insane.

      • Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

        that's the best kind of hair. It doesn't conform.

        • Honkey_Kong

          Scarlet, you deserve a post of your own, Beautiful!!

      • Honkey_Kong

        HHNF, forget the haters. You are beautiful, nice smile, nice eyes, great complexion, great lips, beautiful naturally wavy hair…..Stunning

  • FinalWord

    She is big bertha. I can tell by the flabby arm meat. Prove me wrong gay blade.

  • Benjamin James Paul Gartin

    Damn, I was only 3 years old in 92'

    Sincerely, #8

  • ♫♪♫

    #29 !! needs a post of her own

    Chive? Arrange this please?

  • Anonymous

    Holy hell, 15 is HOT! Chive,you NEED to get more pictures of her!

  • P-90

    #1 Truly beautiful.
    #30 Lucky dawg.

  • Yourfreakindaddy

    MOAR 19

  • markkens

    HHNF…brains n' looks, there should be more like you in the world. Not a fanboy, just being realistic. 😉

  • FP33

    An honest man can admit, he appreciates something more than T&A. Look at 43, a quietly perceptive woman, searching for her own confidence; that's something that doesn't diminish. 43 FTW

  • Jason

    I think we need more photos of #1… I will start looking at Denny's

  • Uberfroth Foamimane

    yay, Brunettes! and thanks for all the clever beauty, HHNF

    STAGECOACH, ftw!

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