Simply stunning celebrities: Part 2 (27 Photos)

Nothing like some sexually charged, yet refined, celebs to make your day. For more click for PART 1.

  • Darksoul

    Boobs are optional where the hell is my ass?

    • Terry Burke

      stand with you back facing a mirror then grab a hand mirror and hold it off to ether side at about a 45 degree angle so you can see the back of your body in it. now that you have done that your ass should be just under you lower back and just above your legs. find it? good

  • Where in the WORLD

    Way too much money being spent keeping these women sexy.

    • DaddyD

      Just a few minutes with PhotoShop. Hardly costs anything.

  • Andy

    Madmen chick mmmm…

  • acash

    if anyone can name all these girls in order… well than they get a cookie

    • katfish

      i really doubt anyone could do that

    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      I knew who every single one of these women were

  • Fatlos

    Hmmmmm… Katy Perry. I'm talking about tits here people!

    • McBeastie

      That's about all she's got going for her though. She missed the talent bus.

  • warricjr

    well i feel dumb. who's 16? or 18

    • mark

      jennifer love hewitt and anne hathaway

    • Lisa Martin

      16 is the one and only God broke the mold after this creature, Jennifer Love Hewitt.

      • Randy

        She's beautiful. She's the reason I watch Ghost Whisperer. I even have that show on my DVR. It's not bad, if you mute it.

    • Nibs

      Jennifer love Hewitt and Anne Hathaway

  • pistol pete

    Meh, they're all just dolls.
    Except Natalie.

  • mskris

    Lovin' the abundance of brunettes

  • Atwell

    Who is .3??

    • chrisdg74

      Mila Kunis.

  • shuqq

    1. Natalie Portman
    2. Bar Refaeli
    3. Mila Kunis
    4. Kirsten Dunst
    5. Maria Sharapova
    6. Terry Hatcher
    7. Anne Hathaway
    8. Mandy Moore
    9. Rhona Mitra
    10. Cameron Diaz
    11. Angelina Jolie
    12. Beyoncé Knowles
    13. Katty Perry
    14. Lindsay Lohan
    15. Adriana Lima
    16. Jennifer Love Hewitt
    17. Brooke Burke
    18. Anne Hathaway
    19. Jennifer Aniston
    20. Alyssa Milano
    21. Christina Hendricks
    22. Isla Fisher
    23. Blake Lively
    24. Shakira
    25. Jessica Biel
    26. Gisele Bundchen
    27. Marissa Miller

    • Where in the WORLD

      Hungry for a cookie?

    • equalizermax

      You really need to find a real Girlfriend

  • Terry Burke

    1 wouldn't a part 2 imply new celebs? 2 kirsten dunst? really? shoulda cropped the head out

  • Mmmmmm

    Goddammit Mila Kunis makes me happy in my pants.

  • chrisdg74

    3 – Mila Kunis. Mmmm
    20 – Almost 25 years in the spank bank and still going strong.

    • MiPo_TheGoaT

      Have you let Shakira out of your closet yet??

      • chrisdg74

        Had to let her out so she could breathe.
        Well, and so I could…

  • king

    Mila Kunis, Rhona Mitra, and Shakira ftw yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Dear Alyssa, why have you been stuck in my head since 1984???

  • MiPo_TheGoaT

    Alyssa, Natalie, Mila, Rhona, JLove and Shakira……Thats right im greedy im taking 6 of em…..

  • chrisdg74

    Natalie,J-Love,Alyssa,Mila,Shakira,Katy,Christina and Rhona. I am having a party in my pants and you're all invited.

    • tommybhoy

      I love lamp

  • Beldar

    Something doesn't look quite right about #4. Am I the only one that thinks that?

    Otherwise, the rest are all pretty damn nice, especially Jessica Biel. Damn!!!

  • MiPo1977

    Mila, thank you for making Forgetting Sarah Marshall watchable….the urge to punch my flatscreen grew everytime Jason Segal's junk was shown but i kept remebering that you were in it….Kristen Bell also helped..

  • Jimmy

    Mila Kunis is beautiful.

    • DaddyD

      Not only that, but she can act. I figured she would be typecast forever after "That 70s Show," but then I saw her in "Book of Eli" and "Date Night" on the same trans-Pacific flight. More evidence that Chive should be sharing photos of Ukrainian mail-order brides rather than Russian ones.

  • kamface

    ew Kirsten Dunst

    • DeMonikk1


  • Beau Young

    #3 is going to result in a happy HHNF

  • Griswold

    I'm assuming the only reason Sofia Vergara was left out is that she is getting her own gallery tomorrow.

  • 123 roast him

    god f'ing damnit I love Natalie and Mila

  • tommybhoy

    Natalie Portman….if only you weren't a vegan I would take you out for a Steak dinner

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