Simply stunning celebrities: Part 2 (27 Photos)

Nothing like some sexually charged, yet refined, celebs to make your day. For more click for PART 1.

  • HANK

    I'll third that notion LOVE brunettes

  • Luke

    Angelina Jolie is so nasty. Would die a happy man having to never see or hear about her again.

  • SweetAwesomeness

    but where is grace jones?!?!

  • offcamber

    I noticed that nasty Lohan chick was in BOTH these galleries ( 1 and 2 ). BOOOOOOO on that – not hot. At all. Ever. That is all.

  • Skededdle to Seattle

    Bar- lovely
    Mila- yum
    Terry- "they are real, and they are spectacular"
    Katie- nice grip!
    Alyssa w/ short hair- I like!
    Isla- love the ginger
    Jessica- own me, please!

  • Adam

    WHo is number 14!?! I need more of her!!!

    • Luke

      Really? That's Lindsay Lohan.

  • duh

    10. 11. 14. i don't find flattering. seriously. crackhead Lohan?

  • lewoo3

    Katy Perry pulls of the PVC dress so much better than Cameron…although id love to 'pull it off' both of them 😉

  • Robert

    Katy Perry has the best pic.

  • Chivemaster

    I would pick Natalie Portman over any of them. Over and over.

  • davey

    alyssa milano.. god i always had this thing for her.
    I bet she can suck a golf ball thru a garden hose.
    Cougar Club.

  • Shogun

    blake lively is #1 in my book

  • bubblerider86

    even a straght woman can appreciate these ladies….nice job chive.

  • Firstly

    Amazing how nobody has mentioned that #3 (Mila) is completely shopped. Are you people blind?

  • Tony Miteff

    2, 8, 13, 27… you can keep the rest

  • Rhonda Michelle

    Shakira is the hottest of them all. Because she is also beautiful inside with alot of integrity. She is not like most "hollywood" people! Rhonda

  • mith

    #10 Cameron just disgusting. She has no real talent and looks like a 15 yro boy. She is completely overrated.

  • !S!WCRTESTINPUT000000!E!


  • Always Last

    Last!!! Also, Alyssa FTMFW!!!!

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