• CHachi

    First Douche

  • Kristof

    Why does everyone want that guy kicked out?? He did nothing wrong! The guy who got KO'd started it.
    The guy is a hero if you ask me

    • fender bender

      That young guy was calling that woman a fat ass and was talking shit. Why do you think he got slapped? The old guy was defending her.

    • http://twitter.com/argash @argash

      I agree, just because someone is saying something you don't like does not mean you can start swinging at them. Was the guy a douche? Absolutely, but the appropriate response would be to get security and have them resolve the issue. If just one of those people who were calling for security would have gotten up off their fat asses to actually go get security it would not have gotten to that point.

      • yuval

        You are so right.
        thus fucks where just saying "someone should call security, where is the security?" instead of actually do something.

  • You're Welcome

    Watching that really irked me. The mass public is seriously retarded. That guy would've been kicked out for no reason had those people not chimed in to defend him.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bbbbbeaver Ross Huddleston

    something doesn't add up about this video. the old guy attacked first and everyone is against the dude. either there must be more to this video than what was shown, or the guy filming (yelling "kick him out") is a complete fucking idiot

    • JDub

      thats exactly what I was thinking. either there's more to the story or the fat chick and old dude are the ones who shoulda been tossed out they got physical first. I woulda socked the old f*ker too.

  • Kyle

    New Yorkers

    • dutchielover

      absolutely, trying to be loud and get noticed by everyone else. I agree with people defending the kid though, he got slapped twice. Words do not mean shit, but when someone hits you have the right to defend yourself. The guy yelling "kick him out" is the loser filming a tennis match who should have gotten his assed kicked himself.

  • Huh

    I want to beat the s*it out of the "Get him outta here, throw the bum out" guy.

  • VaginaVertigo

    It's simple really why people want him kicked out. Watch the video, everyone watches a woman having a go at the guy and slapping him. Then they keep looking away, maybe not wanting to appear nosey. Fight seems over. Then there's commotion and the guy is throwing an old man down a row of seats.

    To everyone who didn't watch the 2 seconds inbetween the woman leaving and the old man attacking, it would look like the guy just attacked that womans dad or something, since it was mental to assume the old man would attack.

    The guy holding the camera is a bellend, he saw it all, but the rest of them probably just assumed the least idiotic scenario had happened.

    • Mike

      Look closely, the old man did attack him., He kicked him right before he got his ass beatdown.

    • Baron Von Douche

      It looked to me like the old guy had him in a hold of some sort and the young guy kinda wrestled him over the chairs, to me it seemed like more of an accident that he got pushed over the seats, not quite thrown over, i am certainly not disagreeing with you. But i would just like to point out how i saw it.

      • ummm

        There are a bunch of other videos out there of this fight…yeah the old guy kind of falls over the chairs and it looks like the kid tackles him

    • McBeastie

      I just can't get past "VaginaVertigo" as a screen name. I can't even read your post with any seriousness because of that.

    • Adam Wolfe

      So I could get a girl to slap you in the face, have an old man attack you and then when you defend yourself have you kicked out of the game? Seems reasonable.

  • fabio

    It's mtv's show jersey shore fault….

  • taco

    anyone defending that d bag is unbelievably stupid. He was ruining everyone's experience.. and disrespecting that woman… he should have gotten kicked out… he should have gotten his ass kicked. it's a shame that old man was the only one who had the balls to do something.

    • Sly

      STFU.Just because she's a woman doesn't mean he can't have an argument with her. He didn't dare touch her when she slapped him across the face.Fair fucks to the man in white that came down to defend the young Lad afterwards.The general public are retards!!!

    • booger

      yeah he disrespected the bitch, but she assaulted him. disrespect ain't a crime

    • liberty301

      Yeah, the guy was yelling vulgar language during the match. This is the US Open, not a football stadium. The guy just needs to learn to use his head.

    • Player5150

      the whole situation was handled poorly. They're doing wrong, I can tell by the jersey shore attitude and from having seen plenty of idiots go at it in my time……

    • hmm

      No one cares if he was dancing naked, screaming, verbally abusing anyone, or simply being on the phone while on a tennis match, that shit doesn't give anyone the right to assault him like both those old dudes did. I hope that if criminal charges are pressed against him (old man getting knocked down the stairs won't be ignored), the authorities get the chance to watch this video so they can see for themselves that this guy was physically assaulted.

  • Georgeo

    It sounds like the dude didn't pay for a seat.
    Kinda had it coming… Still the cameraman is a prick!

    • mklane

      you must not have listened closely, he says that he did pay for a seat.

  • Where in the WORLD

    It's tennis fans, WHO REALLY gives a shit?

  • vince

    Of course we don't know what happened before the camera got rolling, but the guy doesn't appear to be guilty of anything but jacking his jaw. The woman committed battery twice, the old guy once, and so did the guys who 'intervened'. Douche is as douche does, but douchism isn't a crime (it's actually encouraged in New Jersey).

    • mistabishi

      Fuck you those are new yorkers not people from new jersey. All those morons on mtv's Jersey Shore are from Staten Island or Long Island if your gonna talk shit at least talk shit about the right people and hop off Jerseys nuts

  • adfafd

    why dont you stupid americans leave them alone, its none of yoru business, you wanna get hit on the face too?

    • Kent

      Um, leave the other Americans alone?

      What the fuck are you talking about. Morons like you are so selective about what you associate with Americans.

    • biscuit

      Someone needs to hit you with an education

  • Luce


    wait. what?

  • Heber Coll

    Lol people taking sides and arguing when we have absolutely no context as to why the argument started and what was said. Bunch of retards.

  • sander

    so the woman slapped him, the old guy punched him… an they're taking him away? :s yeah ok he's an A-hole, but you can't arrest somone for being one :s you CAN for physical violence

  • http://berpwillie.blogspot.com berp willie

    absolutely hilarious

  • jose Deschamps

    Heres my take on it:
    First of all, out of all the important events in life, why am I dealing with this video?

    Second: If you just happened to see the fight when it first came in, you would just see a young fit guy throwing down someones grandfather down some nasty stairs. No wonder everybody just came and wanted to kill the dude.

    Third: I think the reason why everybody wanted him kicked out was because he was a loud dush bag (I know I know, I can't spell it). Security should have intervened first. I don't think they should have assaulted him even though from the point of human beings that they are, I understand the overriding of emotions over morals, logic and the whole concept of give them your other cheek (which is really hard to find)

    Fourth: Freedom and rights have a limit. They are supposed to end whenever they start crossing to the other persons territory and the person is bothered. That guy shouldn't have been like that. I think it is very unlikely that people would just start rooting for that guy to leave the place and insulting him and wanting to beat him up without him doing nothing bad (talking about before he hit grandpa).

  • anguish
  • MiPo1977

    You don't go to a the US Open and start dropping F bombs at random because the guy you put money on is losing……Have some respect…

    • Mike

      Why not? It's a free country. If there was a problem with it, let security handle it. If you are man enough to get into someone's grill, then you better be man enough to get your ass handed to your or defend your ass. Beside, US Open is known to be the loudest tournament in the world, so do you think the players really care? When was the last time you heard a player cry "I would have won <wah wah>, if that fan haven't said anything?"

      • MiPo1977

        What was i thinking…..Respect, decorum and etiquette obviously have no place in our free country…..An education is also free is this country of ours but apparently you have foregone that part of society judging by your grammar…..

        • FailRater

          … is called an elipsis it contains a total of 3 periods. If you use more or less it is incorrect.

          "An education is also free is this country of " – MiPo1977

          An education is also free in this country* In the very same sentence that you state "education is free" you fuck it up.

          Check yourself before you wreck yourself. fool.

      • its_forge

        Ya know I think the Founding Fathers would have drawn the line on "free speech" just this side of telling an older woman you don't even know to "shut the fuck up you stupid fat bitch." Just guessing.

    • UrDumb

      "You don't go to US Open and start dropping F bombs at random ?

      What do you think about slapping a guy in the face cause you don't like his language? He could have legally had the woman arrested for assualt. Respect, decorum and etiquette? Where was that displayed by any party involved? Fact of the matter is two people commited a crime in this video and the giant douche bag wasn't one of them buddy. Your condecending manner is a cover for your own ignorance.

  • Grodon

    For crisakes, he didn't throw the old man down the bleachers, they both fell. Kinda easy to happen when you start bearhug wrestling in an aisle that's 12" wide….. the old fart and slappy bitch shoulda been charged. Unfortunately, there's no law against being a complete douchebag.

  • Mike

    Why? You don't know exactly what went down, I don't. However, I'm not about to make a declaration of whether he stays or not. You're just as bad as irritating dude that's saying it.

  • SomethingClever

    Look: Not sure what started the argument, or what it was all about, but after 5 seconds I was willing that old guy to go all 'epic bearded man' on that dbag with every fiber of my being. When it happened I raised my arms in a V of victory over my head and screamed at my monitor. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear all of you about 'she assaulted him' this, and 'being a douche in public is no crime' that, but what I witnessed was justice. I hope the old man is okay, but I respect him for deciding, broken hips be damned, he'd had enough of that ass clown's mouth.

  • lolz

    At least I got teeth…falcon punch!
    I think the lady was in his seat, thats why they were going at it

  • Ender

    Yeah.. I'm a decent source. the younger guys is my step brother. The lady said he was talking during the match and got nasty about it. He says he wasn't talking during the points which is the most critical part of the match.
    If she really had a problem with it, she could have addressed it better.

    • fender bender

      Wrong. There are other videos of this. She walks by him and mouths off to her. I think it was about her weight. That's why she stepped to him. If I was there I would've given that guy something cubans call a "cocotazo"!

      • Ender

        Would you like to post that video? I've watched this situation from three different angles and I haven't seen/heard that.

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