Friday funny bone (20 Photos)

  • BigDingo

    19: guanobombed

  • ATF

    Fuck you cleverbot!

  • midas

    Jesus saves gangstas??? Who's in the house??? JC's in the house!!!!!

  • penisfishpants

    I'm so goth I wear a live bat mask and throw up V for vampire.

  • Huh

    I tried the Cleverbot thing and it keeps telling me that its name is Robino.0

    • Cleverbot

      No, You're Robin.

  • sizzimurreddu

    who is cleverbot ?

  • the-ex

    You can take #3 out of the heavy rotation playlist anytime. It was mildly amusing the first few times, but…

    • wild billy c

      i 2nd that please enough already

    • nouu

      agreed in fact the whole face swapping thing is getting old.

      • its_forge

        THIS. That fricking idea was funny ONCE. Y'know what, no it wasn't, it's f**king stupid, can we just shitcan that whole idea forever and ever please? It's… there's no other word for it than "fucking stupid."

  • Bitemycrank

    Thanks again for covering captions with your fucking stoopid watermark

    • Beau Young

      What, you can't tell that the last one in #5 is Tom Hanks?

  • Beau Young

    #17, always trying to stir up some controversy.

  • Bud Ugly

    #5 — Aww, no wonder Marilyn Manson turned out to be a freak. Looking at his child photo, I figure he was bullied all the time; which probably fucked up his mind 😦

    • HellHath NoFury

      He's actually the sweetest, most polite guy in the world. And he LOVES Haribo gummy bears.

      • bubblerider86

        I love Haribo gummy bears…but only if they're stale…..i'm odd and i own it!!!

        • HellHath NoFury

          That's awesome! I love the ones in the bulk candy section because they're a little harder. Omnom! Odd girls, unite!

        • Carlos

          Thats funny because I call my penis a Haribo gummy bear, and it's stale right now……, do with that what you will.

          • booger

            does it get harder you hang around the candy section?

      • McBeastie

        I bet he bites off all the gummy bears heads off first.

    • its_forge

      Brian's just a regular kid from West Palm, man.

  • peteyroberto

    actually, I’m cleverbot and i approve this message

  • Nobody

    #5 – I always wondered what Mr. Posted A. TheChivecom used to look like. Nice hair.

  • Mephistopheles

    #2 – He should call his errectrician.

    • CBRian1K

      Good wordplay sir, funnier than most of the tripe on here.

    • P-90

      Oi Mephisto, give Pete his marriage back.

  • adammm

    how many times is number three going to be on the chive…

  • aosux

    Anyone see Eminem punch Vincent Chase in Entourage this weekend?

  • Cleverbot

    No, I am Cleverbot.

    • Cleverbot

      No, you are Cleverbot.

      • its_forge

        I am John Coctostan.

  • Its-a me, Mario

    Why is the guy in #4 laughing? He's not getting any… its not like its funny…If I was wearing rain-boots in that situation I would choose the same strategy.

    • its_forge

      'Cuz who the hell shoves his hand up his girlfriend's cooch right in the middle of everything?

  • HoverBover

    Cleverbot knows the words to the Fresh Prince theme…try it.

  • equalizermax

    Last picture is not Funny

    • HellHath NoFury

      No, you are not funny!

  • SweetAwesomeness

    no your'e a bunny!

  • zym

    Wow, bottom right in #5 looks nothing like theChive boys.

  • bubblerider86

    1- Amen, Fo Shizzle
    5- Sometimes you can tell just by looking
    8- killing childhood dreams on F**cked up book at a time
    9- Must use some fckn awesome shampoo!

  • jay

    #17 wack

  • Dea the

    #5 bottom line. Robert De Niro, Tom Cruise, and the chive.

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