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  • joe

    slow week?

    • Seth

      Good Week

    • display

      you must be new here. according to Wired Magazine, this is the site making a run for the #1 blog in the world… and for good reason. But sure, slow week if you're blind.

      • its_forge

        Says a lot about "the world" that a site that doesn't do much more than nick pictures off other sites and put their own logo on them and not credit the source is the #1 site on earth. But yeah, I believe it. Hell, this is a world where Katy Perry and Justin Bieber can be pop music stars and where George Bush and Tony Blair can get elected to lead their respective countries. Anything can happen.

        • Legendary Swordsman

          Don't have a go at Blair, he did what he had to given the information he had.

          • its_forge

            I suppose this is so. Did what he could with the trillion cubic feet of hot smoke the Bushies blew up his ass more like. It just seemed so un-British of him to not wait and see if the WMD stories were true or not. Not, I guess, that the British have ever been opposed to screwing around in places they're not particularly wanted.

            • get a life

              oh yeah that makes sense. British are definitely known for not screwing around in places they're not particularly wanted. read some history try to make some friends (online doesn't count)

              • its_forge

                ??? If your "definitely known for not screwing around" was meant to be ironic, that's exactly what I said. "Not that the British have ever been opposed to screwing around," like the Falklands? And oh, India? And pretty much every place else ever effed up by white people who were not Scandinavian?

                • hMMMM


                  • its_forge

                    ??? Your comment, it makes no sense.

    • idpr2

      I'd bury you to the 7th circle of hell if i could

    • thomas

      yeah dude, what's your blog so we can all go there for our nonstop entertainment? just give me the url. I'm itching to know what pro looks like

  • Jimmy

    Please, I'll do anything for MOAR 22!!!

    • Alex

      I"M WITH F!@#ING JIMMY!!!

    • Marcos Haubert


  • bdsterne

    35 and 39…….I'll be in my bunk.

  • Not Again

    27… Wouldn't that be "out" not "up" ?

  • Trynadad

    35 is Monica Bellucci. The S.O. of the merovingian in the matrix movies. And totally hot.

  • Trynadad

    35 is monica bellucci. THe right hand of the marovingian in the matrix movies. And totally hot.

    And #3 is too skinny. IMO. But If you feel like you're rockin and you're man thinks you're rockin, who cares what other people think.



    not too skinny…. just right

  • HammerTime

    Mmm Meg.

  • Yasir_Khan

    i'm all gum gum gum

  • Scarlet-Wolf Ferrari Night-Rider

    #3, perfect. She has curves where it counts.

    • adolescentlycanthrop

      Photoshop trap. Her waistline and curves are fictional. Sorry, but by all means continue fapping 😉

  • king


    • WWW

      Too bad she's with Macaulay Fucking Culkin. Not that I should have any say in who she's with, but really?? Home Alone must have really done a number on her…

  • MiPo1977

    My brain erased once I saw Mila!! Where there any other pics in there

  • jEDROL

    #3: waaay too skinny. You're fugly too.

  • Gregory Nelson Courtney

    #3 no. never too skinny. #22. awesome 😀
    #39 looks shopped. there's no way those small boobs can get that much cleavage.

  • sirforsyth

    Moar of #3 !

    • fasterthanu

      How can you have -163p??

  • Honkey_Kong

    3, yes you're too skinny and your tits look ridiculous and you look dead behind your eyes
    18, PearChan is even fatter now…
    32, "Chive im in a rush tits next week" Whoever captions internet photos and send them to Sexy Chivers should be hung at high noon
    44, Shay honey, if you have to hold them up like that barely into your second decade wait till 35 comes around….

    Mila and Monica, Boys that is how hot is done

    • Andy

      Yeah, but if you had a chance with #3 you know you'd take it.

  • Kevin DeFord

    #6 google Antoine Dodson. That is all

    • alt


      • Kevin DeFord


  • 2bigithurts

    I love shay she is so hot

  • Miko

    Anybody know who 31 is?

  • Jbos

    This is the first time I have posted a comment just because 22 is that fucking hot and I want MOAR!!!

  • Rat

    WAY too skinny.

  • Hitbox

    more of 11 !!!!
    Bianca Beauchamp-fit!!!!!!!

    tough call between her n Monica Bellucci though….

    #7- She all wet- now go and stick the dryer on!

  • swantonbomb121

    #29 – Is that a guy who used to be a chick or something?! Seriously who is that???

  • KMM

    It take anyone else forever to scroll through the page?

  • Amp

    #37 gets me every time i dont know why

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