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  • fasterthanu

    Nice photos

    Wish there was more Brits though 😉

  • Harpoonski

    What's the story with #41?

    • Rick

      sorry, I forgot the caption; it's posted below the picture

  • BigBear

    Bird Kick!

  • Kent

    #15 looks like Storm Troopers holding the giant US flag.

    #35 those are Canadians that kicked the chicken. You can tell by the helmet.

  • northerner

    Love it!

  • KC123456

    #35 Tough guy kicks a chicken….what a fuckin idiot.

    • Jeremiah

      bahahahaha…well put.

  • KC123456

    #39 is an American. You can tell by the toilet paper on his helmet.

    • jeff

      Wow you're observant…the American Flag on his arm tipped me off…

  • terry burke

    #25 we need more PO's that look like that. probably the only one in the navy

  • LT Rusty, USNR

    Anyone know who the troop in #28 is? Looks like a guy I went to college with, but he'd be a major by now, too old to be playing in the dirt …

  • diex626

    wth #7:o

  • The Mad Zak


    Robert D. Stethem
    Hero. You're doing it right.
    God bless.

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