Captions, they’ll turn your whole day right around (38 Photos)

  • HellHath NoFury

    Okay, that's it. I'm going to go kill myself.
    Really? Would it matter if I were a guy? Would you man up then? Or are you really surrounding the table in the cafeteria with a lone female like a pack of outcasts with daddy issues and second-hand camouflage jackets and picking on me? Amazing, bro.

    • bob in accounting

      Damn mondays are kinda harsh around here. I guess #20s are gonna #20

  • northerner

    #8, um, no, actually it's what He DID. Read the Book, Yo.
    #11, you betcha. Spice is ALWAYS good. Pass the Salt & Pepper please.

  • Jeff Sayatovic

    4chan much?

  • northerner

    And #17 is what happens when you don't pay attention to what you put in your mouth…blech. So sad.

  • Justin

    #38 cracks me up every time!

  • Bud Ugly

    I laughed pretty hard at #16. Oh that silly cat.

  • Ken

    This post is all win!

  • CountNoAccount

    Thug Life needs to take his filthy booger hook off that bang button if he wants to live long enough to vacuum the carpet again.

  • P-90

    #17 really gone downhill since her divorce from Seagal.
    #34 Hahahahaha.

  • MiPo1977

    24, Red Forman…70's father of the decade

  • OnTheWire

    #30 — oldie but a goodie

  • Anonymous

    Yea a #4 for Chive and their fuckin’ Meebo!

    Oh yea, fuck HR too!

  • Jamie

    #26-Funny as shit.

  • Wang Chung

    Yea and a #4 to Chive and their fuckin' MEEBO! And a hardy, "fuck HR" too!

  • bacon

    Really, the n word? For shame, Chive!

  • Rhino

    The Chive could do an entire post of Bear Grylls jokes.

    And for the record, that's totally what Jesus would do.

  • Anonymous

    what character is that in pic 35??? Anyone notice Kim Kardashian kinda looks like her??

  • Crypt

    Ah shit i laughed so hard I cried.
    Made my day.

  • Andie

    Who is #17?

  • Event Horizon

    I saw 23 at the store a couple weeks ago and asked myself, What!?

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  • Britters

    #18 …. Simon Cowell, is that you?

  • Roro

    #3 looks funny…. but I'm not sure I get it. Who am I looking at here?

  • Michael

    #30 marc zuckerberg? 😀

  • DeboMalanowski

    and you get a mugshot! and you get a mugshot! and you get a mugshot!

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