Check me if I’m wrong, but this chick is bat-shit crazy, right? (8 Photos)

Meet Vicki Lowing. She's been raising this 6 foot crocodile for 13 years, gives it the run of the house and even lets it sleep with her son Andrew in his bed. A few years ago Vicki's husband made her choose between the reptile and him in an attempt to save the marriage. She chose Johnie... the croc.

  • james


  • chrisdg74

    More like croc-shit crazy. (groan)

    • Piggy

      Oh, I see what you did there

      • Ralk


  • MiPo1977

    Yea, she needs to be committed and wallets need to be made

    • Tyler Mars

      here here

  • whickity whack

    just look how far the feminist movement has come!

  • Benjamin J. English

    The title is a misnomer, that is actually a Tomistoma, or sharp-snouted gharial. It's not a crocodile. Gharials, or ghavials, are far less aggressive than crocs, or even gators, and are not generalized predators. They live primarily on fish and small mammals, though larger specimens have been known to prey on creatures as large as macaque monkeys. (which are not very big, mind you)
    Even should it decide to get vicious one day, its jaws lack the pressure required to do any more than administer a painful, bleeding wound. No limbs missing, no skulls crushed. You're more likely to to be killed by a full grown alpha male green iguana, which tend to grow larger on average than the specimen you see here, and get more aggressive during the mating season.
    So leave the lady and her reptile alone. She's no crazier than someone who keeps venomous arachnids and snakes as pets. Significantly less so!

    • Mortimer Cornwalis

      Wow, Brilliant. You think Green Iquanas "Average" 6 Feet? Also, how many cases can you find of green iquanas causing death?

      Tomistomas (Which I doubt that is) is not a gharial and can reach 15 feet in length. Easily big enough to kill a person, and most definitely a sleeping child in the same bed.

      I'd wager most people who keep poisionous animals have enough respect for the danger, that they are not treated like small domesticated dogs.

      • fishy

        Ya what that person said. Now I gotta google gharial thanks.

        • Dan

          I like turtles.

      • Benjamin J. English

        Actually, your average green iguana DOES average 6 feet. Most DOMESTICATED green iguanas don't reach that length, however. Also, yes there have been several RARE cases of green iguana fatalities in the wild. However, that point is moot because, as I recall, I stated that *you're MORE LIKELY* not you're definitely.

        Also, if the TOP length of a sharp snouted ghavial is 15 feet, then the AVERAGE, as you have so plainly stated, length is somewhere below that, isn't it? Also include that the majority of that length is in the tail.

        And, I reiterate, the reptile in question does not have the jaw pressure to cause any more than a bleeding wound. His slender snout, small teeth, and weak hinges prevent him from being a fatality to that child I see pictured, unless the kid is dumb enough to let the creature bite him enough times to cause him to bleed to death.

        • Mortimer Cornwalis

          No, Iguanas don’t average 6 feet, wild or in captivity.
          And the point is not moot because: You are *100%* LESS likely to get killed by an Iguana than a crocodilian.

          This is not a gharial as you keep trying to make it out to be, even if it’s a Tomistoma it is still a crocodilian with a more powerful jaw structure. It will cause some good damage and scarring if it decides it wants to. And 15 feet is common, the average would not be 6 feet.

          Not saying the kid will die, but I really hope he will at least viciously mauled. I just think it’s funny that you are sticking up for some batshit crazy lady that treats a crocodile like a child. And that you are pretending to be an expert because you know what a gharial is. Anyway, I’m done trolling and will go home from another eventful day at work. (Yes I got paid while telling someone they were wrong on the internet.) Goodnight. =)

          • Snwbdr9543

            I got paid to laugh at you nerds argue back and forth

    • FURB

      Actually this is an Australian Freshwater Croc.

      I've looked after Johnny while Vicki was away on holidays. He is (was) realy aggressive towards men. That was years ago though, so the croc might have mellowed.. or not.

    • Torca

      O boy, Google really came through for me today. learned a few new words to throw around the office. " No John, I believe that you are in fact referring to a gharial which does not……"

  • HardCore Mike

    Chrisdg74 beat me to it!! soooo…. WTF?!?!?

  • Skedaddle to Seattle

    Friggin' crackers. Her ex made the right choice.

    • NBS

      Technically she made the choise….

      • technically

        Technically, you spelled "choice" wrong

  • equalizermax

    That solves the rat problem in the house…

    • topher

      i think the cat would be able to take care of that

      • Ballzonya

        I think the croc is going to take care of the cat someday.

  • jeff

    He should have given her a croc pot as a hint……

    • ASShole

      im not sure I see what you did there….

      • fishy

        ya see oh fuck it.

  • Travis

    Lets see…..first my background…Biology degree, professional chemist (more chemistry jobs than biology jobs in my area), amature herpetologist. I've raised, bred and sold reptiles for 15 years. Owned dozens of different species…some quite dangerous.

    Even I think she's bonkers. Reptiles are creatures of instinct….if her son happened to make the wrong move he could easily loose a finger/fingers, possibly even a hand. I'm assuming that is a dwarf croc? (I'm a snake guy) For its age and size, I don't know what else it could be.

    • Irrelevent

      A caiman, maybe?

      • Adam

        that's my guess too

    • Brad

      you study herpes?

  • Big Los

    Do you know how much ass that kid is going to get when the chix find out he has a pet croc, that runs freely around the house, and sleeps in his bed?

    I do… none…

    • northerner

      Big Los, which just MIGHT be mom's intent…protecting her son from the cruising piranhas…just maybe?

  • stafferty

    She looks pretty crazy even WITHOUT the possibly murderous reptile on the couch with her. The worst part of this post is not the fact that the gator sleeps with her son, but the fact she had a kid in the first place.

    Seriously, the Department of Children Services should be informed.

  • 76United

    She probably likes going down on the croc's cloaca

  • jamie

    i wanna make me a belt ! and boots…. yall can split the rest for wallets

  • tommybhoy

    There is always a village missing an idiot

  • vince

    2 Words: Sigfreid & Roy

    • Del

      Just because you used an ampersand doesn't make it 2 words. Thats 3 dude.

      • vince

        Fuckin' punctuation nazis… always on your ass, but never there when you need them. Where the hell were you when that dude was overusing commas and semi-colons last week? Huh?

  • ASShole

    I thinks is one of those dog-crocs. You know, the crocs that want to be dogs.

  • alysinwunderland

    Someone needs to call child protective services. That's just fucking wrong.

    • Da Cuntstabber

      The hat in yer picture is very wrong woman

  • BigDingo

    I guess she could always turn it into a purse if it misbehaves

  • Mclovin' it

    why do i have a feeling i'm going to see this headline on the new someday soon… "Killer Croc kills woman and son. Cat runs free… Bat is on the case."

    • Mclovin' it


  • gator

    what a bunch of croc

  • fasterthanu

    #2 wtf

    worse than the flinstones

  • fishy

    # 8 looks like the thing is smiling how cute. Wait she had a husband. Flintstones?

  • Dave

    Because what could go wrong?

  • top dog

    As soon as it's big enough, it's going to take a bite out of her crazy ass. This is just as crazy as that lady that had the chimp as a pet. Some people are just ate-up with the dumb ass.

    • andrea

      its 13 years old u croc!

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