Check me if I’m wrong, but this chick is bat-shit crazy, right? (8 Photos)

Meet Vicki Lowing. She's been raising this 6 foot crocodile for 13 years, gives it the run of the house and even lets it sleep with her son Andrew in his bed. A few years ago Vicki's husband made her choose between the reptile and him in an attempt to save the marriage. She chose Johnie... the croc.

  • Henry VIII

    Read up on this lady and you will see that she thinks of it as her daughter, and that she has "won it's trust". Hopefully when something happens, it will be to this lady and not someone else (like the woman that lost her face to that chimp), that suffers.

  • tarancara

    As a wildlife rehabber, I would say the raccoons I foster are more dangerous than this little guy is. Not to say he can't inflict some pain, but they have had him a long time so chances are he's not very prone to aggression. Some of our cute and furry friends could f**** you up!!!


    Bat shit crazy maybe, that just oozes cool imho.

  • Lisa Martin

    Dangerous…not dangerous…could have been a little bunny for all it matters.

    Her husband asked her to choose between it and him. She chose it. To me, that's certifiable. While I don't know the husband, and she may have been right to kick him to the curb, I'd still never put an animal over a person. Period.

    • HeartUnderTheRose

      Even if the person does nothing but treat you like shit while the animal loves you unconditionally? Some animals deserve to be put over certain humans.

      • northerner

        If she made that kind of a choice, it's obvious to me that their marriage was over LONG before that moment of time. It may have been a last ditch effort on his part but there wasn't anything there to save. Yes, she's probably not playing with a full deck. Even a partial one. Time will tell. Makes many of us wonder what kind of life the son will have, what kind of example of "normal" social behavior he's been given. Shudder. Hopefully we won't be reading about him in the news, committing some crazy anti-social felony. Double shudder.

  • HellHath NoFury

    Her craving for uniqueness and attention is more important that her child's welfare.

    • northerner

      I think you're right on the mark…

      • Da Cuntstabber

        I think you're an ass licker

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    • Lord Garland Jenkins

      Cmon, seriously? Don’t you have some old people on yahoo you need to cash a Nigeran lottery ticket or something?

      • Da Cuntstabber

        and don't you have any originality hidden in yer ass? Ev'rybody bashes spams! get on with it!

  • Ken

    There are examples of all sorts of non-domesticated species that are unusually docile. I've seen stories of people with tame Bulls, big cats…you name it.

    Is there some risk to this? Absolutely. We also read the stories when it doesn't "work out," (remember the lady with the Chimpanzee in Connecticut?). But it is their risk and they obviously haven't been burned by it yet. Look at that cat!

    Is it an endorsement for everybody to go out and get a crocodilian and sleep with it? Course not! It is simply an interesting example of a quirk of nature. Live and let live.

  • Richard

    Live and let live? Don't be surprised if this woman or her son don't live much longer! (Or, at the very least, suffer severe injuries.) If this woman wants to act like an idiot, that's her choice, stupid as it may be. However, she definitely should not be endangering her teenage son.

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