Ever wonder who actually marries mail-order brides? (25 Photos)

As many of you know, I think mail-order brides are the future of dating. But I always wondered who actually pulls the trigger on one of these chicks? More importantly - Are the girls as hot as advertised? The photos below make the picture a little clearer if you're planning on adding to cart. This site even has user reviews. God bless the Ukraine, man.

  • top dog

    They do advertise don't they?

  • joeclyde

    Rick. Dude. You have a catalog of women to choose from and that is what you come back with?

  • jstave

    Is #13 really necessary?

  • Jonathan

    Yeah, so basically, emaciated nutjobs are buying them. Thanks for bringing this to light. Another wasted global resource.

  • ron

    ah love…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000856050565 George Danger Cruz

    WIN! I'm gonna go buy one right now!

  • Anonymous

    Rich old guys…I'm pretty sure thats what everyone had envisioned.

  • Viktor

    I am a Russian Immigrant. I am 26. Everyone of my former male classmates is dead due to drugs and crime. My Russian city has no jobs, no future.
    You should realize that the "mail brides" are only people trying to survive.
    Moscow is nothing like the rest of Russia and the opposite.
    My grandparents earn four hundred dollars a month. Two people.
    What do you think is the future for a young female?
    Do you know that majority of human slave trafficking involves females from the former Soviet Union??
    This is what happens.
    They are promised many things.
    Many leave their countries.
    Their passports are taken away.
    They become illegals, meaning no government will take care of them.
    After they are forced to become prostitutes and pay back their worth, they are killed.
    How long do you think a prostitute stays attractive enough to be sold for money?
    Once again, people in provinces are starving, they have no future.

    My mother was a "mail-order" bride.
    I will not respond to any Internet comments about that.
    But I assure you, if I ever have the opportunity to respond to some of your would be comments in person…You will not be interested in having the above mention comments.

    If you were posting this information for advertisement purposes then it would be acceptable.
    If you were making fun of young women who are forced to leave their families and marry old man in order to secure some future and support their families; then posting this would not be acceptable.
    Same as posting "funny" photos of Nazi concentration camps or genocides is not acceptable, or American slavery for more relevant comparison.
    I am a fan of your site.
    I do not mean any disrespect.
    It is my opinion and you do not have to like it, or agree with it.
    World is full of people who do not deserve to procreate.

    • Zoob

      Human trafficking is the suck, and your country is in the hurt – but dude, the internet is like that really offensive uncle. Don't threaten us on morality grounds, because we just get more offensive.

    • charlie

      Bloody well said Viktor! About time someone interrupted the back-slapping objectification posts going on here.

    • vince

      Well said. Some comments are just a poor attempt at humor or cry for attention. While there are some scams involved with 'mail order' brides, most people don't know any more than 10% of the whole story. In addition to your comments, people need to realize a few other things:
      1) Most women aren't 'escaping' mother Russia- rather they are truly looking for a mate: there are roughly 8 men for every 10 women in Russia. (2000 Census there was only 1/2 of 1% difference in the US)
      2) Immigration Services reports that Mail Order brides result in 4,000+ marriages per year, with only a 20% divorce rate. Much better than marrying our own, huh?
      3) Very little money goes to the bride or her family- most of the direct costs involve paying for the broker(s), so calling brides "sluts" or "gold diggers" is misinformed, at the least.
      4) Contrary to belief- you don't just 'pick one' out of the lineup and she's 'yours'. There is a 'courtship' by mail, phone, text, email, and then usually the woman would like to see you in person for a least a few days before arrangements are finalized, assuming she approves of YOU. Not all brides will jump at the first guy waving a few American dollars at her.
      So please back off a bit, and get the whole story. Remember: the media isn't interested in the truth- they're interested in what sells.

  • Pinchy

    Curtis and Cameron sure got lucky

  • ROK

    i know of several guys who got russian brides and who are now unhappily divorced and deprived of half their stuff. but i also know that for a short time IT WAS ALL WORTH IT.

    • Zoob

      Eh, no you don't.

      They'd have had to been married for a significant amount of time for any judge to consider her vested in his capital net worth. It's pretty obvious you're fairly young — if you think ANY kind of tail is worth half of your income and everything you own.

      I don't doubt that this is the game-plan with most of these cuties, though. Marry some old-ass rich dude, divorce him in a few years – and be done with it.

      • Serendipity

        Zoob….actually hes partly right. Do some research before you run your mouth. Alot of these girls are part of Russian organized crime…and its done for no reason other than to get them here "legally"….get the husband…get the divorce….get the money….and go to work as a high paid call girl which is what MOST of them are over there anyhow. Viktor up there probably speaks the truth to some extent….I'm sure some of them do what they have to in order to just survive…but don't be naieve enough to think they're all poor little waifs just looking for a better life.

  • Your_Daddy

    #22 nicest ass in this whole post….

  • northerner

    If Viktor and his comments are real, and of course anyone can post anywhere and say anything, then he adds validity to what we can find out and have heard over the years about Russia, current and years past. We get jaded here in America. As friends have said, you can't appreciate America until you have traveled overseas to any country. Pick one. The majority show just how well off, in spite of our problems which are many, we are here.

    That said, choosing a "mail order" bride is risky, probably as risky as any internet dating/match-maker service. The responsibility is YOURS to tread lightly and with extreme caution. What glitters is not always gold. As I said above, you have to take time to know what's in the other person's head and heart, not just what's between their legs. On face value, it seems Chive is showing the beauty and assets of the ladies depicted here and other posts. So us guys can get our corpuscles flowing. Hopefully not to ridicule anyone. And simply looking at Chive's eye candy post for the fun and "charge" is great. Outward beauty is great, but it's what's in a person's heart that determines success of a relationship. It takes two. And it's beyond hormones. Just sayin' FWIW. Yeah, Viktor adds a serious aspect to the pics. MHO.

  • http://colddeadfingers.tk Merovingian

    I'll take #22

  • Dick

    gotta start putting some price tags if ya really want us to consider it…

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  • pb fan

    Michael Scofield + Nika Volek

  • northerner

    If Viktor and his comments are real, and of course anyone can post anywhere and say anything, then he adds validity to what we can find out and have heard over the years about Russia, current and years past. We get jaded here in America. As friends have said, you can't appreciate America until you have traveled overseas to any country. Pick one. The majority show just how well off, in spite of our problems which are many, we are here.

  • idonthave1

    You are right salporin, they aren't normal. Both the girls and the men who order them. Here is my personal experience. I work with bunch of engineers and 4 of them couldnt find a wife in their 40s. They all have their own issues, they are socially awkward weirdos and unattractive. I am not trying to be hurtful, just stating the facts why they couldnt find a wife.
    Well, all of them ordered a wife from Russia. One got divorced in 5 years, another in 4 years, one in 3, and finally one in 6 months. The one who got divorced in 3 years also had to split his 5 million nest egg >.<. The one who got divorced in 5 years split one of his 2 house ($400k each) and some $$. I dont know what the other two had to lose. But at least they didnt have to pay child support lol~
    These women (well, more like girls since they were all 10+ years younger) are so vain. They only cared about boob jobs, cars, shopping, and they traveled back to Russia all the time.
    Finally, who wants a wife that doesnt know your own culture? Cant communicate (not the language, but on a personal level), and who wants a woman who's gone through generations of radiation showers?
    All 4 of them now either have a GF thats from the states, or they just hire a hooker on a lonely night. As Charley would say 'its a lot cheaper than having a wife.'

    • vince

      Assuming your anecdotes are true about your friends divorcing, they certainly are the exception to the rule. Immigration Services reports that over the years, the 4000+ mail-order marriages per year result in only about a 20% divorce rate over the years. Just a bit better than the national average…

      As far as losing their nest eggs, that's on them for not protecting themselves legally. Under the same circumstances, they probably would have lost even more to an American woman.

  • northerner

    Interesting to look and guess the probable age differences between the husbands and wives. Most look reasonably "ballpark". The only questionable match up would be Curtis and Nena. That could be 30+ years difference. Even Cameron and Elena may be closer than they look with Elena possibly older than she looks. Norman and Svetlana? Wow. Svetlana could be 40ish and a damn fine 40ish. She's taken good care of herself. Great cleavage! I wish them all well and "may they live long and prosper". Mr. Director, cue the Vulcan sign of parting…

  • Kent

    Seriously, Chive. Stop making OBVIOUSLY photoshopped pictures of women holding signs that say "hello chive!" and crap like that. It's getting pathetic. I've seen countless pictures that were taken from other sites that Chive claims as original submissions. I saw a picture on Chive once that had text that said the girl was a Chiver, yet the picture was of a model, and the picture is older than this website.

  • OneClownShoe

    Aww, Nina…is the Ukraine really that bad? Poor kid.

  • trcunning

    Wasn’t #12 on America’s Nex Top Model? I think they even mentioned that she was a mail-order bride.

  • Pat

    I would like # 22 please…

  • jacquiealjarqawi

    I hope the pairs will find a semblance of happiness in their relationship.

  • luckyguy

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