• Alex

    this looks like more mass-holishness. try moving into the boston area, then driving- I swear these people disconnect their brains before starting the car. it seems like 70-80% of the people on the road do not EVER use their turning signals.

  • spike dawg

    That's why I have a 9 mm on the seat next to me. Any wad does that to me, bang bang.

  • chris

    It's called common courtesy. It's difficult enough second guessing what other drivers are up to around you without idiots who don't bother signalling.

    How did you pass your driving test if you don't signal? I bet you don't even wear a seatbelt.

  • Anonymous

    Well you must wait because if u turn left an that car hits you even if he or she has on turn signal you will still be in the wrong . So it’s good to wait sometimes

  • Ivan

    wahoo!!!!now what? other than reunite with the fam, sleep in, visit life fatasntic job! thanks for bringing us along on this great journey.

  • Jawbone

    Jesus. Calm the fuck down. The whole two seconds of your life weren't being used for anything other than trying to calm your boner before you arrive at Grandma's for soup anyway.

  • Flo

    If you base your decision on whether to pull out or not from another car's turn signal, you are an idiot! If their turn signal is on and they don't turn and you pull out in front of them causing an accident, YOU will be found at fault! Are you really in such a hurry that you can't wait another 15 seconds?

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