This must be the most exclusive restaurant on the planet (8 Photos)

This Chinese restaurant, which rests on top of a MOUNTAIN, makes you work for every bite. Everything seems fine at first as you ride a lift up the first leg of the journey. Then it gets a little dicey as you walk along a small wooden bridge on the side of a cliff. Finally, you must climb your way up an enormous rock front. I hope the meal is worth it. But my guess, when you finish eating and make your way back down the mountain you are likely hungrier than you were before you ate.

  • Trynadad

    Welcome to city wok, take your order please.
    No! not the city chicken!
    Not city beef!

  • imrighturwrong

    Actually there's no restaurant up there. This is the west peak of Mt Hua Shan in Shaanxi, China.
    There's a temple of which half has been converted into a rudimentary hostel. It also has a basic food stall. Also you don't need to take that plank walk to get up there – that's a side detour on the south peak. I know cuz I climbed it last year. So kiss my ass caption fail guy.

    • pufffdragon

      Right or wrong, your'e still a douche bag.

      • fupdragon

        Well put, generic douche bag.

        • thetech2

          I climber it too with my wife on my back isn't the internet powerful

    • Jimmy

      why don't ya take the dick outta your ass, homo.

    • mavshmb

      Thanks for correcting the caption and description. I have watched several videos describing the hike and Mt Hua Shan in general. I was going to go immediately to the comments and post that the description was wrong, but you beat me to it. You make a much better case, having been there last year. I just knew about it via videos.

  • Adam

    how do they get deliveries ?

    • DixonOrmus


      • Bob

        it's a common misconception Chinese people have problems pronouncing "l". We have problems with "r"s, it's the Japanese that can't do "l"s. But I guess we are all the same to you.

        And the poster above is right. It's not a fucking restaurant, it's a temple/shop. I climbed it last June when I toured Xi'an and this is West Peak of Mt. Hua.

      • Del

        I see what you did there…

  • Mustafa_Beer

    20 minute wait for a table??? FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUU………… I'm out of here!

  • gem

    extreme fat camp. you want your eclair? GO GET IT!

  • Aaron

    Do they mean the most reclusive?

  • Tony

    how the hell do they get deliveries??

    • Obvious,Captain

      again, its deriveries

  • b doobie doo

    cut and pasted random posts and pics of the mountain, been there as well…malarky

  • nojunk

    #6: bottom left corner.. A ninja captured one!

  • Asam Frontone

    Been there many times. What the picture doesn't show is the parking lot to the right. It's typically full of tour buses. There's a road that goes up there, so most people just drive.

  • jmmw0

    Haven't seen these pictures a million times

  • fuknyep

    negatory my uninfuknformed ignoramus friend. i've climbed hua shan too. the first guy is right. it's an old temple and basic lodging. ufuknfail.

  • equalizermax

    This restaurant is not for the Average American People… Let's go to McDonald's instead….

  • Chris

    imagine working there everyday…

  • nick

    it's not a restaurant, it's a tea house

    just to clarify this is not a joke

  • hamster huey

    how does the restaurant get its supplies up there?

  • sippinator94

    I'll stick with my McDonalds.

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  • exexec

    There's a James Bond movie, starring Roger Moore, that has a location shoot at something that sort of resembles this. Is it the same place? And no, I can't remember the title…

  • Anonymous

    what the..

  • Ivan

    I'd never walk on those, but seriously, never ever ever.

  • Robert

    I will came back home hungry…

  • Croatia photos

    It looks great , i guess when you are on that mountain you don t think about food.

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