When Harry met Funny…photos (30 Photos)

  • jamie

    first .. and i must own the sweater !

    • DaddyD

      Those who claim first are not allowed nice things.

    • jamie

      or be allowed to reproduce.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001225207844 Cristi Palincas

    That's a great vest. 😀 Would make a nice belated-25-years-of-Mario present!

  • ikindalikeapples

    27 has used way too much booty pop

  • TOAD

    What is 17 supposed to be???

    • john

      i see what you did there.

    • Guest

      An internet troll is basically someone says something in a forum and gets a kick out of pissing people off.

  • http://mattscradle.com/ mattscradle


  • Its-a me, Mario

    some of these were new

  • pufffdragon

    Mario vest. Guaranteed warmth and virginity to who ever wears it.

  • Crystal

    You'd have to pay me to wear it

    • douceh

      id pay one punch to your face to wear it.

  • chrisdg74

    5 – "All I wanted was a blow job. Just one blow job. And she wouldn't give it to me. Just a blow job!"

    • Dirtball

      No, you're on drugs!!!!!!! I'm not on drugs mom.

  • chrisdg74

    12 – Duke Nukem. Ahh, the memories….
    Shake it baby.

    • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young


      • chrisdg74

        Fire in the hole, asshole.
        I've got balls of steel.

        • Nuke

          CLEAN UP ON AISLE 4

          • http://www.facebook.com/beau87 Beau Young

            It's time to kick ass and chew bubble gum, and I'm all outta gum.

            • Tim

              I'm gunna rip off your head and sh** down your neck.

  • Keithp420

    #27 – Even white boys got to shout, Goddamn that’s a fat ass.

  • picdumpfan

    I suppose I need a life…lol..
    I must just look at too many pic dumps..Many have the same pics, day after day..
    My bad…lol

  • spex


    Your dignity?

  • Roget Fedora

    With regard to the Dark Room sign, I'd bet anything that the tip-ex'd bit on the bottom used to say "Of Your Mum" or something along those wonderfully ignorant lines.

  • Joeyk

    Less than what Toby Maguire obviously paid for it..

  • bob in accounting

    #7 has been posted on this site like 8 times. lets get some new material people

  • tommybhoy

    #18….damm hippies. You will respect my authoritah!!!!

  • equalizermax

    Too much #24 = #27

  • http://berpwillie.blogspot.com berp willie

    that mario vest is dope

  • dajesus

    The sweater? I'm willing to bet that kid's paying installments in the form of his lunch money…

  • Kyle

    Not more that $20. But yes, up to $20.

  • http://thechive.com/ mattythegooch

    I would kick my own ass for wearing that sweater vest.

    lick the stamp on the "femail"….

  • hmm

    ugly vest tbh. nerd attire isn't as cool as nerds think.

  • timmay

    Someone should put flags on #27's hips

  • Gandalf..

    #30 – just because u can, doesnt mean u shud..

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